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Hey ! I paid (I don't remember the exact amount) something like 4$ to have my shirt here , in France, between 5 and 7 days. It's now 8 days , yes, I know, it's just 1 day more but still, if I don't get the shirt tomorow, can I get my money back (the 4$) , coz I don't want to pay for a service which isnt provided ^^

Thanks :)

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are you counting the time that threadless spent packing your shirt? That is not included in the 5-7 days.


I'd have to say that if you are hurting that bad for $4 then you shouldn't be buying t-shirts.


Yeah I was sure someone would say something like that.
Bouuuh shame on him he doesn't like to spend $ on non-provided service, such a LOOSER ! NO FUN...
Pff. Plus, what's the link between that and buying tshirt.. That's just non-sense.

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I'd look at your order and see the day that it was shipped, and if it hasn't arrived 7 days after that email threadless. they are really cool with this kind of stuff

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I was kinda thinking that.. but the delay is not threadlesses fault.. it is the fault of the shipping service you chose. If it was UPS they would refund you the money if they didn't meet their shipping garuntee. But if it is the US Postal Service their 5-7 days is not a garuntee... but more of a general estimate.


Ok thanks for your answers :) I'll wait a little coz I don't care for one or two days but if it's longer, I'll mail threadless :)


If you chose UPS Mail Innovations Priority, it says 5 to 10 days.


You're lucky... I have to pay $8 to get one shirt here in Brazil. Moreover, on my first order I was stupid and cheap enough to use economic delivery... it's over a month and a half now and no shirts! :'(
I wish I knew that "economic" meant "by ship"


Ahah :) Cheer mate ! Good things need time ^^


Well, it's been 14days now (ahah, sounds drama like ! ) and still nothing. If not tomorow! I think i'll mail threadless to see what they can do :]

I just can't wait to receive my shirt !! :'( :'( :'(


same with me :'(
I need my Karma shirt! I mean it... I NEED!


Atcually, I just received it, after 16days... Not so bad.. but kind of :) Hooray!

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