Thankyou Threadless!

Thanks so much for the print! I am so incredibly excited and honored!

Watch this

me too! can you tell? ( :(|)


Nice work! Great to see a "sister" get printed


Nice job getting printed :) Keep up the good work!


oh! i really wanted to make a good sock monkey design! this one is great! guess i should stop monkeying around and start designing!


I do LOVE this! I just wish it weren't on creme/natural. :( But it's great and I may just have to order yet another creme shirt, despite the fact that it's my least favorite or flattering threadless "color." Well done!


Congrats getting printed, I love the design. But why is it on Natural? Almost any other color would be better. I can't wear natural, so I won't buy it. Sigh. Maybe on a reprint?


sock monkey is the happyface :)

AlexMacDuff profile pic Alumni

I think natural was the perfect color choice. After all, it got printed, no? Don't apologize for your design.


i love the design but i prefer a bright color :)
its very cute overall

ill buy it when it gets reprinted so its anotehr color^^

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