New tee quality comparisons needed!

Okay, let me start by saying I despise American Apparel. I've been to their shop, I've bought their shirts, the quality is horrendous, the material is thin and poor, the sizes are inconsistent, and they're sized for young adolescents, not grown-ups.

FOTL doesn't suit me that well, either, but at least the shirt material is thick enough to withstand washing, and the darn things will actually fit onto my body without looking like a sausage casing.

What I need are comparisons of the new Threadless shirt with the Camisteria shirts. I just recently bought a shirt from Camiseteria and was blown away by the quality. My husband refuses to take the darn thing off, it's REALLY nice. Super-soft, thick, and the fit is perfect. I was concerned that it would be too small, as most European sizes run small, and Brazilians are known for their physiques--why wouldn't they follow European standards, rather than chubbier, vanity-sized US standards? I had nothing to worry about. The shirt is awesome.

Anyone out there have both the new Threadless shirt as well as a shirt from Camiseteria? I'd like to know how they stack up, as I've not yet fallen in love with any new Threadless designs, so haven't bought anything printed on the new tees.

Maybe today will be the day Threadless announces a design I can't refuse? It's been a while now....

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weird... dont come across too many people who hate AA. I loved AA... but the new shirts are fantastic... at least the one i own is

but they are kinda thin like AA... so sounds like you may not like them


When I ordered a girly XL and it wasn't much bigger than the shirts my toddler owns, it made me think twice. And after visiting their Ann Arbor store, trying on various sizes, having my husband try on various sizes, seeing how poorly they fit, finding shirts on the hangers with holes in them, marks on them, etc....well, what else could I think? This was worse than flea market quality.


Plus when I compared shirts of the same size in different colors, or even in the same color...well there was absolutely no consistency. And I wasn't too keen on shirts that emphasized my every imperfection. I'm not huge, but I'm not a 96-lb preteen, either. Not that I would have worn such tiny clothes even when I was that just wasn't my style.


I love my AA shirts. They're amazing, in my opinion. Soft. Perfect fit. I want to make out with them.

Also, I love the new shirts. I think they are slightly more thick than AA, yet just as soft. Size-wise, the guys medium is slightly more slim fitting and the waist line lies a little higher than both FotL and AA.


Soft is good, of course...but if it's falling apart because it's too thin, that's not going to work. And geez, seeing people's nipples and pimples through their shirts, that's not attractive. I remember I used to have this boss in his late 40's, he had a pierced nipple and would wear these super-tight polo shirts to work to show it off. It was a challenge not to stare, it just felt so...wrong. He wasn't hot, nope, not even a little bit. He was trying to reclaim his youth, but it was long gone. That's how I feel about wearing skimpy shirts...I'm not 12, I'm not 14--I'm 35 and a mom. I'm not looking to make people cringe with embarassment or pity for me. I want to wear fun clothes but I don't want to be a sad old freakshow. I appreciate heavier-weight fabrics that are more forgiving and last through more washes. Uber-soft material is just the cherry on top.


I can't stand the new Threadless t's. The old ones were way better. The new ones feel cheap and stretch out way to easily. I would love to order a shirt to compare from the Camisteria site you mentioned, but I don't know the language.

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