The 9 to 5.

Sometimes I just want to get out of this rat race. Escape to the hills, grow my own vegetables, make my own clothes, stop shaving and converse with the plants and the animals.

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Sometimes I just want to get out of this rat race. Escape to the hills, grow my own vegetables, make my own clothes, stop shaving and converse with the plants and the animals.

Nut Buttt

This is nice but there are a lot of women in the workplace these days it would be nice to have them represented. It is not just a mans world! Maybe put some hips and breasts and flowing long hair on a few of the silohouttes and maybe a skirt or blouse. Other than that very nice design $5

courtney pie

i'm seriously diggin this! $5


i really really don't like the number on the back... but i still want one so $4


for some reason i'd rather it just be a bunch of guys... it's funny that way i guess.
the number on the back, doesn't tickle my fancy really, but i very much enjoy the overall design

bravo! $5

lost in stanley park

I'm not a big fan of the number on the back either, but I love the design

courtney pie

just noticed that, yea no number on back


love the front, love the back and yes...fuckin' loathe the rat race...

...I hope your next shirt is some guy living in the hills, growing his own vegetables, making his own clothes w/ a long ass beard talking to the plants and animals.

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Nice idea, but yeah, the number on the back kills the wearability of this on for me, but without it's a winner. I'd like to see some more papers flying around and maybe a chair hurdle as well, but I like the idea behind this one.


I actually like the numbers. Maybe put them on the sleeve of the shirt... yeah, that would be awesome.


very witty design


The number should be higher on the back to make it look more like your in a race. This is so TITS

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Dear Nutt Butt
my apologies for not including women in the race only the design was based on the olympics men's 3000m steeplechase.

A fair comment though and thanks for scoring!

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I see there are mixed feelings with regards to the numbering on the reverse. I felt the embroidery was a nice subtle touch which was designed to represent the correct positioning for the steeplechase contestants number.
I am not sure how it works but perhaps if the majority prefer the t-shirt without it could be removed?

many thanks
The Paper Crane


i have no problem with the number on the back.


Nice design. I too would love to get out of the rat race.


I am not too bothered about the number on the back (although it is not mystyle) but i do think it would look more striking if you were to remove the numbers from the runners shirts. too many numbers going on and I think the design will LOOK much better. It may not read as well in your head but these are just my thoughts. continue....


i really like this design. i guess maybe not the numbers on reverse though... nice colours though i think.


love the front, but not a fan of the back

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Lets change the subject!
What shall we talk about now?
I don't know where to begin, there is just so much we could discuss!..................

I think the 2012 olympic games logo is shit don't you?

hot pepper

I love the 2012 logo!! Ha Ha...

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I think the number on the back was a great idea. It makes the wearer seem like an active participant in what he's wearing. Very well thought out.

My only suggestion would have been to have the people in business attire - but I'm sure you thought about that and decided to go the route that you did.

and yeah...I think the 2012 olympics logo is kinda weak. Maybe I'll change my mind over the next 4 years though...


Nothing on the back pse.


ha! nice one. my shift ends at 6 though. hehehe. Shift+4,5!

B-Boi Muso

Me too mate, free ourselves from this burden! Another great design from "The Paper Crane"...


I like it! no numbers on the back and it will be perfect!


I hardly ever comment... but I just had to on this one! I absolutely love it and would buy it in a heartbeat.


women in sports in my opinion keep their hair short, you know, for aerodynamic reasons. Also, maybe there are women who may have a little less in the breast division. Therefor, one might not recognize the women among the silhouettes.
I'm looking at racer orange here..
yeah that's right, you in the orange suit.


really like this one... very bold graphic style.


this is really nice i'd wear it!!


still a solid one.

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