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hey smallvilleboy! wish you good luck!

the czar

cool - on the Khaki - the eye gets lost on the white


Agreed, better on the khaki.


is that a signature in the corner?


oh ya its my sig. its not on the tees. i just did that for the bigger look at my character "dewd" its not supposed to be on a white tee. just pink, blue, yellow and the khaki color. no white. the pic of him on the white to the side is just a closer look at him. it would look weird on white. lol


i'm all for cartoony style, but this looks a little cliparty.


my style does look flat and cardboardy. thats just the way i like to draw :]


That bubble on the top detracts from the little guy on the bottom of the shirt and I so do love the little music box player. That would be my only serious change. Make that HUGE bubble a medium or small one so we see the music box and the kid first, not last.


Technically this doesn't make sense...

But it's cute alright :-)


lol, ya i love when things dont make sense :] its the best


haha i like this one...the lil guy kinda reminds me of that Cheese thing on Foster's.


the bubbles need a few more highlights...or at least the big one so it looks like it has a bit more volume...but other than that i like it :) well done.


I LOVE FOSTERS!!!! oh ya i see what your saying about the volume thing.

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