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Welcome to another installment of Shooting the Chat with Shirtflirt and chelly! In this blog, an interview with BSWEBER.

bsweber aka Brett Weber is a 24.9 year old boy, has been a member since January 27, 2007 aka 'the day before Flying Mouse joined' :), has scored 9887 submissions, giving an average score of 2.25.

1st comment on 1st sub
chocolate4jillyz on Feb 06 '07 I don't get what the dragon is trying to portray, but I'm totally loving the dragon figure. Props to that.

Reoccurring themes: lizards, books, self
Reoccurring colors: muted earth-tones, deep-green, burgundy/rust

Photo by Rambunkcious

“Brett is a great guy and an awesome designer with an eye for detail. I'm sure there
are many more amazing t-shirt designs to come from Mr. Weber.” -Edword

STATISTICS for bsweber

First order placed on: June 1, 2007
Other username(s): The Silver Baron

Designs = 23 (if alternate accounts/collaborations are included)
Critique = 3
Slogans = 5
Blogs commented = 1165
Product blogs commented = 50
Designs commented (some no longer show) = 687
Critiques commented = 63
News commented = 23
On or mention on Charlie podcast = 1 (I think?)
Time meeting other members = 3 (Philladelphia, Chicago, New York)
Threadshirts purchased = 21

Shirts Printed Based on Votes (1/1/2008)
45 = I'd buy it!
14 = 5 (minus the buys)
48 = 4
54 = 3
31 = 2
4 = 1
0 = 0

Travels (and the flickr proof):

of united states = 36

of countries = 12

of continents = 5


Looking at Brett's designs it's easy to see the theme of storytelling threading it's way through almost all of his work. The importance of books plays a central role to his most complete designs which leads me to believe that these books have some type of power. Being a person who hates books and has never read any type of literature that did not include pictures, I'm intrigued at this land of mystery, imagination and wonder. It lead me to open a book this past weekend and let me tell you it was incredible. After I concluded Moby Dick I realized that life's not about the get it's about the chase. it was the best three hours I’ve ever spent. Thank you, Brett Weber.

Brett's winning design; The Young Explorers is like a logo for children's literacy. if I were the ambassador for spreading the joy of reading to school children everywhere, I’d use that design as the cover of my pamphlet. but, giving my previous history of never reading nor owning a book I’d probably never be the ambassador for spreading the joy of reading to school children everywhere. hopefully Brett's not banking on that employment opportunity.

Another favorite design is Brett's current sub; The Escape. what's not to love, really. It's an obvious choice as favorite. As a designer though, you get the sense that Brett's really gaining confidence in the tee shirt medium. Going through his subbed designs you can see an evolution right in front of your eyes. Or, if you prefer, you can see god's amazing design unfolding right before your eyes. It's awesome to see as a regular consumer/agitator of Threadless and I for one look forward to his forthcoming efforts.

“Brett Weber's personality and artistic style are one in the same. The extreme detail in his line work contrasted by soft, fairy-tale like themes and colors show a dude who is at once serious about his craft, yet has never forgotten the child-like wonder of creating his own worlds within pictures. I cannot wait to see what mystical land he gives us access to next.” -FRICKINAWESOME


Would you slay the dragon?
Never. Dragons are becoming increasingly scarce these days.

Where did you grow up and where are you now?
I was born in Gainesville, Florida. My father was still working on his engineering degree at the time. I lived there until he graduated (which was maybe like 2 years?) . At the moment (and for the last 20 years of moments), I reside in Newark, Delaware. It's a college town--exciting when school's in session, and deserted the rest of the year. iPear lives here though, so it's bearable.

How did you find out you were printed (at Threadless)? what did you do to celebrate?
Oh man, that was the best night ever. It was in may--I was on tour shooting a rockumentary in Europe. Backstage at the arena venue in Vienna, after the show, on my friend's laptop. I couldn't believe it. I just sort of wandered around, hugging the few friends I had there, hahah. To celebrate, I went to a guest room with bunk beds, slept for three hours, got up and hopped a van headed to Zurich. Really, I was sort of in disbelief for the rest of the tour.

What are your tools of the trade?
Glass of iced tea, mechanical pencil, sketchbook (for roughs), more tea, illustration board, micron pens, epson scanner, occasional plate of spaghetti, tea, mac g5, photoshop cs3--in that order, usually.

Name three songs; one you would listen to with breakfast/ one with lunch/ one with dinner.
Breakfast = Get by---Talib Kweli, to get the blood going.
Lunch = Salvador Sanchez--Sun Kil Moon, because their music is expansive, and reminds me of the middle of a day somehow. Either that, or something by band of horses. They have the same effect.
Dinner = Desolation Row--Bob Dylan, sort of a downer song, but also very chill.

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What musician/band most heavily influences your art?
I'd say the one band I've probably listened to the most in the last few years is Iron and Wine. Something about Sam Beam's writing just makes the everyday ordinary into the exceptionally special. His music helped me through some hard times, quite honestly.

Do you prefer heads up seven up or freeze tag?
Freeze tag for sure! Well, never actually played the other one--isn't that a soda? Capture the flag was always my favorite though. Being pretty diminutive in stature lent itself well to stealthy escapades through dark forests.

Have you ever been involved with espionage?
Green. I think that was it. All I ever spied that is, with my little eye. Yeah, yeah, it's that tree again, it always is.

Name a movie that was better than it's book.
Recently I saw 'No Country for Old Men', honestly one of the most amazing films I've seen in a long while. Absolutely terrifying. Also in honesty, I've never read the book, but I can't imagine it can actually be better. Forgive me if I'm wrong!

If you had to dress in drag as a famous woman of the movie screen, who would you choose?
The dork in me compels me to say Eowyn from Lord of the Rings. Cmon, who wouldn't want to kill a witch king? Either that or Margaret Dumont, because she was in all the Marx Brothers movies and had a front row seat to that genius.

Take us through a tutorial of your technical process for creating a shirt design.
Probably, roughly, maybe about a hundred percent of my ideas come to me right before I drift to sleep. Whereupon, I jump maniacally out of bed and scribble something down. Seeing as I (try to) sleep every night, but I finish a design about once a month, I have about a
thousand unfulfilled ideas. After looking through my scribbles, I pick something I'd like to dork on---usually the idea I end up working on is the one I don't need a reference for, because I'm lazy like that. Once I decide on something, it's just a matter of drawing it. Then scanning it. Then deciding the original drawing sucked. Then adding to it. Then scanning again. Then coloring it in Photoshop. Then putting it up for peer perusal. Hoping they don't say to add anything, because I'm tired of this idea already. Ignoring (often wonderful) suggestions out of sheer laziness. Aaaaand subbed!

Do you believe in love at first sight?
I believe in being mesmerized at first sight, though I'm not sure if that really counts. But I've definitely been there....a few thousand times.

What happened between Enemy Anemone and The Young Explorers Society to
create such a drastic change in your design style (subbed 30 days apart)?

For my first few designs, I had absolutely no idea how to combine computers and drawing. I was under the impression that my designs had to be simple shapes that I could easily fill in Photoshop. Anemone falls into this group. It was my first design to be dropped early--I remember being actually upset about it! I was on a camping trip in the Shenandoah Valley, and when I got home my design had died. I decided I would try harder, and that's when drew Young Explorers. YES is a lot closer to how I would draw normally. I'm still getting there though, I have a lot of work to do yet!

Childhood nickname?
Hahah. Oh man. Ohhhhhh man. Ok my mom called me 'Brettie-bookie-bop". Don't let that out.

What is your cult going to be called?
'The Salvation Amry'--it'll be a really subtle ruse. Our members won't even realized what they've joined. Then I'll send them out to shopping malls with slightly off-red change buckets and bells. I'll make a killing.

Favorite crayola color.
I think mostly they taste the same. Although a good cobalt blue always showed up nicely on a freshly painted wall.

Which of your designs did you think of in the shower?
I don't think I've ever actually had a productive thought in the shower. What am I missing? It seems like it's such a source of inspiration to so many people. Usually, my only thoughts are along the lines of 'Wow, HOW long has it been since I was here last?'

Current song stuck in your head most often?
Hmm, it changes a lot. Right now I'm gonna say Dylan's 'Like a Rolling Stone'.

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Please recommend one cartoon and one children's book.
'Popeye Meets Sinbad the Sailor'--amazing old school animation, hilarious dialogue, oh man. Seriously, look it up on youtube.
'At the Back of the North Wind'---by George Macdonald. Such wonderful imagery/symbolism.

What Threadless members did you know before you created your account? Who introduced you to the site?
I don't think I actually knew anyone....I'm not exactly sure how I got here! I think maybe I saw my brother wearing Stickymike's awesome 'Nothing Rhymes with Orange' shirt, and I was like "Where'd you get that?" I think maybe my sister gave it to him? Not sure, but somehow I logged on one day, and decided to try my luck!

Do you save the gallery photos of the ppl who bought your shirt?
No, but I do check them every now and then. I love seeing real people (hopefully) enjoying something I've made.

What is your favorite family tradition?
Hmm, can it be an dead tradition? My Dad used to read to all us kids every Sunday night, that's got to be one of the best family related traditions I can remember. I think those evenings were probably more influential on the way I think than even I can imagine. We've done all sorts of other fun things as a family, but not usually consistently enough to be considered tradition.

How much time do you find you generally spend on a design?
Usually between 10 - 20 hours.

What do you personally feel is your strongest tee design to date?
I think my favorite (as far as how it would appear on a tee), would have to be Raven vs. Dove (under my Silver Baron account). I am proud of that one because I didn't really fuss over it, I just sat down and drew it out. Didn't stress over the details as much.

Over or under?
Hmm, depends on the situation I suppose. It's best to be overjoyed, but underrated.

You are quite the world traveler. Where is the first major place you visited and what was the most inspirational thing you experienced there?
The first 'really far far away' place I visited was New Zealand. I spent a month just touring around both islands with a camera and fifteen other kids in a 1954 green air-stream bus named Boswell and a giant Kiwi guide. And other run on sentences. It was really such an incredibly laid back time, I would love to do it again. I'd say the most inspirational place I've ever visited is the Antarctic Peninsula. I was fortunate enough to take a study abroad trip there in 2005. The landscape is almost indescribably beautiful---so vast and pristine. The wildlife there has no fear of humans.

So, you are a blogger. How's that interaction effect your work as far as your art is concerned?
I never even realized the blog forum existed until four months after I joined. Once I started participating though, I was hooked. Design-wise, it's really a great sounding board; it's so nice to get immediate (usually) feedback on a project. All-other-senses-wise, I've made a lot of really amazing and talented friends. The level of skill on this site is so incredible, it just pushes one to try harder, to learn more, to refine what it is one does. Forgive the grammar in
this paragraph (and all the others).

"Mr Brett Darius Weber (middle name unconfirmed) is a truly skilled individual. People may know him for his arousal inducing art, but this is no one trick pony. Not only does Brett create mind numbingly detailed, fantastic designs, but he also has the ability to hypnotize females with his eyes and cause them to throw their undergarments. I met with Brett awhile back for some Super Mario burgers. I asked him, in my best Dr Phil voice, "Mr Weber, what's your secret to making these great designs?" He then simply stared back at me, and I knew... I knew it was time to throw him my panties." -Torakamikaze

What is your time machine (made out of)? Where are you headed in said machine and why?
It's made entirely of granola bars. I'm headed to 1804, to join the Lewis and Clark expedition as it heads west. I've always wanted to see what wild America really would have looked like. But I don't really want to eat fried rattlesnake, hence the granola bars.

What music do you recommend the bloggers listen to in order to broaden their cool factor?
I've been listening to '13 & god' quite a bit, insane mix of beautiful melody and frenetic rap. But in all seriousness, I shouldn't be anyone's coolness-broadening mentor.

Do you have any weird body/face tricks (example: crossing your toes, curling your tongue)?
I've managed to stay shorter than 5'9" for nearly 25 years! That's a pretty good trick! Umm, I can pop my left index finger out of joint at will. Gross.

Some sketches:

A minimum of 4 of your designs feature what could easily be interpreted as a self-portrait. What was your inspiration for taking such a bold step (possibly eliminating high votes due to the character represented not being generic enough)?
It's funny, because I've never actually thought about that before. I guess that's just how it came out. I'm lazy, so I usually just use myself for reference. Either myself or a sibling who kind of looks like me anyway! I'm paranoid! Guess I should expand my model database. Great question though!

You come from a big family. How many siblings? Where are you in the line-up? How did your family life encourage your creativity?
There are nine kids in my family. I have four brothers and four sisters. I am the second oldest child, oldest boy. Having that family that large encouraged me to pursue quiet pass-times, like drawing. I mean, you need a break from the insanity every once in a while. But in all honesty, they are a great source of inspiration. They're all a hundred times more creative and interesting than I. Among my siblings: a world class yo-yo champion, a high school math teacher, many accomplished musicians, a nurse who has worked in Sudan,
a college football player, a fashion designer, a graphic designer, etc, etc.....How am I supposed to live up to all that??

What is the best gift you've received and the worst one you've given? Or, vice-versa, if you have better examples.
Hahah, I know this is cheesy, but I think it really IS the thought that counts. In that sense, I don't think I've ever gotten a 'bad' gift. I don't believe in ranking the importance of worth of a gift because it happens to be something I want at the time. Desire is so subjective. Ok, so I'm saying all this because I can't think of a good example to give you. How would I know a bad gift that I've given? If I thought it was bad to begin with, I wouldn't have given it! Err, no, there was this one time.....I gave someone a mixed CD full of songs who's meanings were subtly aimed at that person in an angry way. That was mean and immature of me, I told her to throw it away.

Five movies you want to see at a drive-in:
I think they'd have to be old films to feel right. And I'd need all my sibs to be there, because just because.

Duck Soup
It's a Wonderful Life
The Court Jester
The Great Escape
North by Northwest

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(How) Do you meditate?
Not on purpose, but there's usually a long period before I fall asleep when I'm not really awake, but not really asleep, but not really awake....... When it comes down to it, I'm really too lazy to actively relax.

What do you see when you close your eyes?
I've been told I sleep with my eyes open. I don't know if this is always true, but I have had a few people freak out after seeing me sleep. So I guess I don't look at the back o' my eyelids very often. When I was a kid I used to close my eyes and wait to see the spectral floaters that sometimes come out of the blackness. They used to frighten me a great deal.

Best way to deal with the bummers of reality?
The best way is to systematically blur the line between reality and the creations of your mind. It's easy if you try. Before you know it, you're living in your own fairy tale world. This = not serious. Reality isn't that much of a bummer, just what we tend to make of it.

What do you do as a profession? How did you get into that line of work? How does it affect your designs?
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Right now, I work for a small web/graphic design company. Most of the work I do involves layout for web advertisements and some video editing. The company is owned by a couple of friends, and they were kind enough to offer me work. The job is flexible, and allows me time to work on side projects as well. As far as my rock 'n roll lifestyle....hmmm....I do travel a good bit, I really put most of my money toward traveling. I figure now is the time to get out and see the world.

If you could get the autograph of anyone (dead or alive), who would it be?
I think it would have to be John Hancock. I mean, come on, just because. He's like the inventor of the autograph.

You attended the Mishmash in Chicago (Sept 07). Most memorable moment?
The thing that sticks is the moment I first met everybody---ran into a bunch of bloggers on the street just after getting off the train. I was carrying like eighteen bags, had no idea where I was going, tired, but happy enough. Following this group of vaguely familiar strangers
through the streets of Chicago.....very surreal. "Hey, aren't you--?" "Yeah, that's me." "Oh, cool. So what's your actual name?"

Some believe that you can tell a lot about a person in their handshake. What do you think is the best way to know about a person in a short amount of time?
People fall into two categories: taller-than-me, or shorter-than-me. It's real easy to distinguish which group someone falls into (usually the former). Seriously though, I can really only guess at the people who are somewhat similar to myself. I'm usually pretty quiet when I first meet people, so I look for other people who act the same.

What makes you shake your head?
You know those sticky rolling things that they use to get lint off of jackets and sweaters and what-not? One time my sister came up to me and ran one of those right down my face. Shaking my head was really my only defense, how else was i supposed to escape her maliciousness? Geez, be more understanding.

Most importantly, what makes you shake your rumpah?
Sometimes when I'm driving around at like four in the morning I come across some incredible scene, like a fog covered meadow, or the sight of a red night sky through the woods, and it makes me want to dance a little. Things that are just inexplicably, unutterably beautiful. Stuff like that. Also, Architecture in Helsinki's 'Places Like This' album is pretty amazing---me, my brother, and my sis played bongos along with that album earlier today actually.

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wew wew! I know that guy in person world!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

And i thought i couldn't have a platonic man-crush on this dude any more.....sigh.

write Teen Beat magazine

Great interview, fantastic questions by the Chit Chat crew and a great overall overview of a great dude and artist!

mezo profile pic Alumni

YESSSS! Another great one!
bret is real dreamy.
Take me on your next Foreign Adventure.


I don't know if it was really directly mentioned, but in the few times I spent hanging out with Brett, I learned he really likes to, a lot, apparently.


the ms paint looks like elijah wood
brett doesn't look like that



i have four brothers and four sisters too!!!!

zomg, i think i'm related to brett.


the paint forgot Brett's rosy, sparkle covered cheekz.


if you and you do a portrait of brett, i'll put it in the interview


ppl should check out brett's flickr, it is awesome


i think you like that it looks at your tits w/ deep admiration


I knew Brett was well traveled but I had no idea he'd been to all these amazing places, puts my traveling to shame.


he's dreamy


I like it too, man, probably for the reason you mentioned.


i hear that not only is he an amazing designer, but also single.

jaw drop

he also owns a menu from a mexican restaurant that has mustaches drawn all over it by some crazy person.

bsweber profile pic Alumni

Awww thanks so much everyone! ! !

I'm more than totally honored and humbled to be featured in one of your incredible interviews! Amazing job putting all this together Chelly and Shirt! ! ! Can't wait to read the next one!

bsweber profile pic Alumni

hahah, and yes that menu is the most remarkable work of art i own! i will treasure it forever!


i'ma goesa gay for bsweber!


added some sketches


this interview took approximately three years




awesome interview, awesome compilation of info


it is aged like a fine cheese/wine


it's like that in reality world to.

"hey brett, how are you..?"

-3 days later-

"I'm fine! you!?"

not really, that was a bad joke, I'm going to wawa out of shame...


don't wawa! it was teh funnay!


1 hr bump




Holy crap, why is Brett the cutest ever?

bsweber profile pic Alumni

awww shucks blushes you guys are too good to me.

and tora, i've been loling at your quote for hours!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

why didn't this go into the most important questions we wanna know, like what is Brett's favorite kind of pizza and if he'd open the car door for his dates and other Love Connection bullshit?

hehehehe, was like waaay more added to this or did i just miss like fifteen questions the first time i read this?


haha the only thing added was the sketches

Johnny Baboon
Johnny Baboon profile pic Alumni

My wife and his sister compiled a "who is the most gentlemanly" list of several of their man friends and guess who is number one? Yes, your golden boy, BS.

FYI, I was last,  i'm a bastard.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I saw the chemistry at work between you guys playing off one another, good cop/bad cop style when i met both of you, johnny! It's like a Tenacious D skit without the guitars.

the czar

Finally got to read this.
Super cool .
Thanks to Chellz and SF
and to Brett.


i would just like to say Brett is a cool guy lol im glad i was in the group of semi familiar bloggers in chicago who found Brett


excellent layout chelly.
and chelly's right, we started this back when brett's dad was still getting his engineer degree!


really nice guy, brett's dad


bump for talented artist


bumping on the hour




Very well done! I quite enjoy reading these!

BaronVonMonkey profile pic Alumni

Fascinating, I love these kinda interviews. More please!

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