Whiskey Tango Fosxtrot

aka WTF or what the F

Watch this

Awesome concept. Not sure if the text is needed though.

Mikko Terva
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brilliant. keep the text.


yep this is excellent without text..


keep the text!


Me likes teh labels.




Interesting idea. Phonetic alphabet..


its not a phonetic alphabet, its radio/military code -love it w.out the labels, makes it a riddle


love it! $5$


NO TEXT! it doesnt need it!

B. Armstrong

Oh, but it does mr. minimus. it does.


keep the text!, i like very much :D


AWESOME! 4! Maybe not on red?!


Oh man. I would've gotten this for my grampa. He would have cracked up.


keep the text just not letters eplaining. its like having to explain the joke to dumb people..it ruins the joke and the shirt


mebbe someway of illustrating foxtrot?... it's a dance too


you are getting somewhere with this idea but the horse illo just cuts off and does not go with the other two, have the full horse or do the chop offs on the other illos, seems out of place and awkward


I like everything but the text. it's too obvious. without text it would be more rewarding to understand, and therefore funnier. but I love the concept


I love it just as is, nice work!


aequist on Jan 08 '08
its not a phonetic alphabet, its radio/military code

Hey, lab partner, look here.

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thanks for the comments all. i did put this up for critique, since i wanted to iron out some details:

loganxman: i specifically steerd away from doing another dance (that too might have been visually confusing) and like the oddness of fox + trot.

squishyfox: yes - i know it's different, but that does draw attention to the legs / trot only. the whole horse confused people.

As fro the test in or out - I prefer it out, but some people had no idea wtf :) it was about. Maybe it should be a reward fro those in the know.

Colour red works best for iconography / info signs imho, but i am open to anythings else.


If this doesn't get selected, I'd love to have just the text as a type tee! "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?"


no way, get rid of the text, make people think about it


I agree with you! get rid of the text!!


Mwhahahahaha $5 mate!


I would like this without the text. I like when people ask me about my shirts. This literally spells it out for them and it's not fun.

$5 without text.

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I like the fig. 1, fig. 2 text, but not the w t and f. I'd also like no whiskey label on the whiskey, or at least a knock-off name of a whiskey so the word just wasn't handed to people. Also, maybe just the fox trotting instead of two pics there? Clever idea, and i really like the tango dancer's poses. Nice work.


$5 w/o text, although i do like the font, maybe just take the wtf out of the text.. so its just fig 1 fig 2 fig 3


Bloodhound Gang song, changed and made into a tee. I don't know if I like it all in a row like that, but if you could think of a layout that seemed random, but the placement read the same way without the text, it would be the ultimate win.


It's beautiful VB! these haters should try and do there own designs. X


i would like it better if it was waltz tango foxtrot and had similar characters doing the three different dances. this way its a cool shirt because it has people dancing on it, but the wtf is back there somewhere


me likey text.. keep it


am torn on the labels... could go either way. but great work!

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