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  • by hugotunes
  • posted Jan 01, 2008

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ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

as simple as this is, i can't help it, i really like it. i think the way you've treated the text is perfect, and there's nothing wrong with the composition.
(love on purple)

my only qualm is that it's only text. i sort of wish to see an outline of a fox and dog that would replace those actual words. it's mostly because i don't know how well only type shirts are treated here. threadless prints very very few of them.

maybe the addition of some simple animal shapes is something you'd like to consider.
i'm rating a $4.

shar star

not everyone will get this but funny to those that do!

SM Designs

Cool idea but I don't think I would wear it. I think I would have to explain it to everyone that saw it, other then designers.


like the sample things for text.

i love this.
i'd DEFINITLEY buy it!

BaronVonMonkey profile pic Alumni

This is an awesome use of typography, especially on black


threadless needs more o this

mezo profile pic Alumni

I hate that font.

Janus Gemini

THIS was done as a threadless tee already, as a perfect concrete poem


could not find the link but as janus said, it has done before... and better, sorry.


This was already done... much better


the "e" repeats in "the and "over".


i like this a lot.


i've never seen a brown fox


I've got to ask, because I really cant think, & I'm sure I'm going to feel really dumb, but why is this funny?


It has every letter of the alphabet in it and used to train for typing on a keyboard usually.


I was thinking there must be some deeper meaning in it for people to find it funny.

I think the other version was better sorry, but I like your other stuff.

Mrs Wicked

You know, I always thought it was "The quick RED fox jumps over the lazy BROWN dog"


Nice!! I love the text but I think the Quick should be in Red not pink. And then "THE" be in Orange. Then I give it 5$

bombshield profile pic Alumni

I get it! The big letter print tees that mimic Katherine Hamnett's oversized 80's line of slogan tshirts.

Some ideas you may think about:
The font should be a condensed bold....Folio Bold Condensed would be perfect.
Next, the shirts that do this concept well will stretch the type to fit down the tee, rather than reducing the font size or leading.


Wait, I realize it supposed to have every letter of the alphabet, but I'm pretty sure you need an "A" in the front of it. Isn't the phrase, "A quick red fox jumped over the lazy brown dog" .... could be wrong though. Its been awhile since 6th grade.


no you are totally correct. It's missing the A


Sorry, it actually a "THE" not "A"


I hate this sentence. It's an infamous phrase our art teacher makes us write when we learn a new calligraphic font. And yes, it's "the quick brown fox".


Like the idea, but wishing the 'over' could actually be over the line, not under!


lol nice phrase choice heheh


only designers & typographers will understand this but its cool :]

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