About the League of Cliche Evil Super Villains

I'm so thankfull to everyone who voted for this shirt... And to threadless for kicking so much @$$ with the screening/product shots for the shirt (and also for picking it!)... I got the idea to do it by looking at a bunch of old cheezy comic books, by none other than Jack Kirby, then busted out the trusty pencil and inking pens, and made the characters... Thanks again guys! You rock!

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Maltzmania profile pic Alumni


sonmi profile pic Alumni

congrats! i love the colors in this.


what a way to end the year!

such an awesome shirt!


Already bought it, amazing shirt. Great job!


this is so awesome, didn't get to vote on it but knew somehow it would be printed.... congrats!


Big congratulations on this one! Another shirt to add to my wishlist.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

congrats again poly. good job!


This is great! I was so distraught because I didn't think they were going to print this. I wish I had a kid for one of those kid tees...


I do have a kid for one of these. Super-June will be rockin this t-shirt in a few days! Awesome job!

dacat profile pic Alumni

Congrats, this is awesome!


haha i just ordered it, its a must have for any comic book nerd


I pointed that out in the sub comments, monsieurstabby, but I still bought the shirt anyway because it's awesome.

I think it's a deeply ingrained misunderstanding for most people, that schizophrenics have multiple personalities. And a pet peeve of mine, but what are you going to do?


I agree, opifan. :)

I think it's going to be part of the shirt's charm for me. I love it in all it's campy glory.


if you wanted to get picky you could also say that it should be Reptile Guy- amphibians don't have forked toungues or scales

but that didn't stop me buying this shirt either


Yeah, I guess it's in keeping with the old school, not quite realistic theme, so I'm fine with it.

It was never a big complaint anyway. Didn't stop me from $5ing it or buying it. :)

jrmasm profile pic Alumni

Congrats. Great shirt.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Amazing stuff Poly! Between this Attack of Literacy in a month or two, I'm gonna be clothed in nothing but your designs quite soon!

So....about that collab....lol.

polynothing profile pic Alumni

Frickinawesome: when things free up in a week, we'll rock a collab :)
Monsuirstabby:schizophrenia is clearly not what's depicted on the shirt, but somehow multiple personality disorger, doesn't quite have the same cheezy ring to it :)

Everyone else: thanks so much for all teh feedback!

apy profile pic Alumni

Congrats!!!!! YOU rock!


Well, I wanted this in a kid's size for my son until I saw the word "Butch" on it...I am not ready to put that on my son's chest! Too bad, otherwise it would make a great kids' shirt.

polynothing profile pic Alumni

Budzamom: "butch" is defined as:"Exhibiting stereotypically or exaggeratedly masculine traits or appearance." It doesn't nececarily mean anything perverse or derogitory.


Dude, that's a reptile not an amphibian! Worse than a typo, no purchase.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

lol @ this guy^


yeah normally i am not one to be nitpicky on what is and what is not offensive, but when i saw your use of a "schziophrenic" i had an uneasy feeling. people have already stated the common misconception of schizophrenia, and i just wanted to add that people with schizophrenia shouldn't be viewed as an evil villian. it's hardly on the same level with gangster puppet..

anyways. my brother has schizophrenic. and so do 1 in every 100 people. roughly. and there are many people out there trying to change the image of mental illness. so i just had to throw my two cents in.

congrats on the printing though. a good design is still a good design



While I agree that the mentally ill shouldn't be viewed as bad or evil, I have to say that the point of the design is that these are cliche stereotypes of "evil" characters and it fits right in with them. In the past, mentally ill people have been stigmatized and viewed as evil.

I don't think polynothing really thinks that schizophrenics are truly evil.

Would schizophrenic people seeing this shirt be offended? Possibly, but there's a chance that just about any shirt could offend someone. I'm not saying that you should necessarily buy this shirt given your feelings about it (and I agree that the mentally ill shouldn't be stigmatized - I'm a psychologist, after all), I'm just saying that it's not intended to be offensive.

I'm not saying you're wrong, just putting in my 2 cents on the situation.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

Two-face is hillarious

polynothing profile pic Alumni

I agree... This shirt isn't intended to insult anyone, and I honestly think interpreting it that way is probably taking the design far too seriousely. Mojie nailed it on the head with the idea that these are stereotypes, tropes, and cliches presented on a shirt. I'm suprised no one's written in with "I am Russian, and I'm offended that the only spy depicted is Russian." Or, perhaps you're exposing my secret agenda to attack schizophrenic people, as well as reptiles, by misrepresenting them :)

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

Or, perhaps you're exposing my secret agenda to attack schizophrenic people, as well as reptiles, by misrepresenting them :)

haha reptiles


You're out to offend the whole world, aren't you, polynothing? I'm onto you. ;)

polynothing profile pic Alumni

Oh hell yes! This is just the start of my plan to re-inforce cliche stereotypes and bring them back into the mainstream! Whatever you do, when I finish my graphic novel for NBM, don't get it ;)


I knew it!

::Points an accusing finger::


Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Same from me! Late congrats!


I'm jealous of those who get to sport this magnificent tee!
I can see the likeness of Kirby's work. Love the simple names given for each character, so true for every one. Kudos on the homage to Two-Face and Scarface from Batman aka the ventriliquist dummy. Check out Sgt. Fury and his Hollowing Commandos! Cheese-Tastic WW2 comic lore!

Cheers Bud



wowow! all your designs are insane!
thank you for being so original and allowing us to wear such amazing pictures.

as supplies are running out, I think im gonna have to buy supervillains in girly.. =)


..i felt in love with this shirt...its a really great job...and id like to buy it...but how long did it take to reprint it...i neeeedd it....

empiricist profile pic Alumni

I love this design!

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