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can we get a search function added to the blogs too? it's amazingly annoying to see the same question asked three times in one day in three new topics, especially when people take the time to answer and then no one reads it.

it would also help keep the "OMFG I LOVE THIS TEEE!!! REPREINT PLZ!!!11one" posts about current designs limited, since people can search for current blogs about the tees. i know you can see the blogs on the design page, but i don't think many people actually do.

Watch this

I hear you

blah blah prints on back? How high is a high score?

I think there should be a function that when people are submitting a shirt with heart on it and a pair of scissors/tear marks the system should automatically send a message saying there are approximately 3000 designs on file with hearts on, are you sure we need another? and when they click yes, they have to persistenly click past 100 yes im sure options before it accepts it.

Thatll leave room for MY bleeding heart design with a big Click and drag option.


portfolio really, plus other little things i want to host.

for example: i'm hosting a beer belly cam for one of my best mates. in the last few months he's developed an impressive beer gut, especially since he only just turn 20 and is a skinny bastard. having been kicked out of uni, i won't be seeing him anywhere near as much and want a way to keep in contact, so i'm getting him to get photographic progress reports of his beer gut and i'm gonna post them for him along with anything else he wants :)

if you have anything silly like that you want hosting, i don't mind doing it! but yeah, mainly my portfolio stuff.

as far as searching, i really want to stop seeing "i feel hard done by because i got chucked out early with a score of 1.46" blogs. the answer: desing something better! harsh, but hey.

a blogging FAQ would do. i'd even write it for them!!


um... to clarify: he's been kicked out, not me. he splits his waking hours pretty much between pub and counterstrike. no joke.


now that the crew are back, i'm bumping this so hopefully they'll read it ;)



Nice designs BTW.


God, anything like this would help a ton. Just making the Blog Forum more advanced at ALL would help. But yes, I think a search feature would be the most important.


search fuction would be nice


You should change the "six years old" shirt so it has no text and the guy is old with a beard. Haha.

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