THE life

  • by network1
  • posted Dec 28, 2007

The life must be in colors

Watch this

The life must be in colors


generally I like it but not sure of the font and the idea that all the text is in a straight line
I like the idea of putting a colorful design on a white tee - it looks good with jeans :) sporty and fresh


Like the design, don't like the text. I think it works without.


Agreed with the above- kill the text. Otherwise- awesome!


Really, really love the tree. Not digging the text.


I think I've a some problem with text because I've posted yet an other design and it's the same advice.

I promess you my next design will be without text.

againstbound profile pic Alumni

yeah, threadless hates text, not me though, love your idea and the clean way you executed it, and though i dont hate text, i dont quite like the font you used, still a 4, keep it up man!


The tree is fantastic, though I think the idea that the tree is breaking through the line gets lost -maybe if the displaced letters weren't overlapping but rather being pushed up and sort of laying on top of the 'ground' it might get the idea across... great work!


usually text doesnt work with designs and hinders the meaning but i dont think this is the case with this design. i love it with the text beacuse the text is what makes it so funny and great. i say keep the text. 5


yay.. a pre-indigo-death rainbow! long live indigo!


Love the tree, but like others have said, I'm not fond of the text.


although i hate to sound like everyone else, i love the design, but think i'd be more likely to buy and wear it without the text...


Text doesn't work, although i suppose it's the concept as the ground? The tree looks amazing though.


Usually I dont like text either, but in this case I like the text, it makes the design an actual concept instead of just a tree. To me it represents breaking outside of the lines in your coloring book...I dont know if thats what you were going for, but either way...Nice job!


I think the line of black text should be just a solid black line. I love this shirt!


I agree with miker - a solid black line would be less confusing, would eliminate text problems, and would still look the same (if not better)

spanish babe

I thought it had something to do with gay pride..
you know all the rainbow and the "don't cross the line nes"

so if that's not what you were going for then I agree with the texts GTG


I like it
even if your going for gay pride thats not a bad thing to support
so i like
it although im not so sure i like how the txt looks the way you have it flipped over itself.
maybe if you had it dangling down or something

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