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  • by Glennz
  • posted Dec 26, 2007

This one of those rare times where Ive had a few ideas for designs and Ive been able to combine random elements, I had seen a topiary tree and thought it may be a subject of a design and just worked back from there, I drew it about 3 times, in each the black caped motorcyclist was in a different position. Originally there was a ladder, but like a lot of my designs I tend to end up taking stuff away, as I think simplicity is always the best. I had drawn the version with the ladder about 6 months before I subbed this and decided it didnt work. I forgot about it but I found it one day going through some files, changed it around a bit and subbed it. which Im glad I did, this is my most reprinted design, and there seems to be a few people around who've made some cash ripping it off too. Ive seen it printed on a few different colours, maybe it will be here too at some stage

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"and there seems to be a few people around who've made some cash ripping it off too"

keep these coming, very cool


awesome design! any chance to be reprinted? =)


how did you get away with the Copyright, i love thsi shirt.
I´m having a Design coming soon, its a star wars shirt too



Obi-Wan Obama

To quote Chewbacca “Arrrrgh!”
The dark lord has come up with a tasty design that is sure to lure young Jedis into the fold. Well played Glennz, well played.


Fantastic! :D


YESH! Been waiting for this to reprint for a while now. Awesomenss.


Juanmanimation: What copyright? He's just a black-caped motorcyclist -- obviously.

Heart of Gold

What star wars? I didn't even see a connection with star wars. What's star wars?

Lol. I love this shirt :D


I'm a proud owner of this shirt :)

And you would be proud to know that it just got some airtime on "The Price is Right" about 15 minutes ago. One of the contestants was wearing it!


best one i have seen yet
keep em coming


I am seriously impressed AND bummed that Threadless is out of my size.


Do they only reprint after every size is gone? This shirt is incredible and I'm not near a size XL...




I got to tell you : this is one of the simplist funniest and greatest desing ever _
i'm study desing and this is like awesome! X3...
i see it a few months ago, before i realize that you made it (i realized it today1 X3)... so I made a fan work of it:
hope you like it,it's my tribute to you and star wars1 X3


damn it, still waiting on a reprint!


if anyones seen lawrence leungs choose your own adventure in australia on the abc then they would of seen this shirt being worn numerous times, very cool


Thank you, finally a reprint!


This is a great shirt, but I'm tired of its reprints. When are we going to see Tree Town (another "classic") reprinted?


this would be pretty sweet as a onesie for cute jedi babies.

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