High fives

It's nice to see the alto clef finally getting some representation. Even if it is just kind of thrown on there.

Watch this

hates on the alto clef lol


haha, sure it isn't a tenor clef?


There are plenty of tenor clefs to be sure, TeaTime, but there's an alto clef in the middle kind of near the bottom, too.


*Nerdy Violist alert
totally loving the fact that the alto clef is on this shirt...definitley an alto clef, look how dignified it looks


Sweet, I heart the alto clef.


i guess that's the one that looks like a big stylized "3"? wow. i've been reading and playing and listening to music for most of my life, and i've never seen/heard of an alto clef. very interesting...


oh on trombone you cover all of them...

in most cases I'm even suprised to see a base clef, let alone alto or tenor.


I think violists everywhere (including myself) will rejoice at this recognition, albeit slight and unrecognized (stylized 3 indeed!)


You can't actually call that an alto clef. It is a C clef, which can be placed on any line of the staff (making that line middle C). Since it isn't really on a line, it probably wasn't intended to be place anywhere specific. And if it's not on a staff line, it could be an alto clef, a soprano clef, a tenor clef, a baritone clef...and yes, those are all actual clefs.

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