Outstanding music video (imho)

We went out the other night and the VJ was playing some great videos. This was the highlight for me:

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This is sooooo beautiful, fitting haunting and just plain great to see with so many bad videos out there.

It's E.T. meets the Shining.
Gotta' love animal masks!

Watch this

This has been blogged alot lately, it's a great song, shame it's so short really. I think it's more Donnie Darko than the Shining.

Velvet Jones

Yeah, that is brilliant, too! We saw that one as well.
Thanks, dogg.


damn now i want to learn how to do that with my bike

and now i want a new bike


Velvet Jones

-I think it's more Donnie Darko than the Shining.

I agree. I think you nailed it.

I figured it had been touched on. Sorry if redundant.

Velvet Jones

Holla' kc!!
I'll build you a bike ramp.
You can come down to J-ville and we can get skinned knees together.


im down with that.

someone stole my donnie darko disc. i have the case, just no disc. i am mad, grr.

i tried finding any videos to share here, but then ended up watching all the youtube videos of the unicorns and islands performances, woopsie.

the czar

cliffdog - cool video, pretty terrible song
Who is that?
lol at the bass player having his bass practically under his chin.






you made my heart hurt

the czar

Sorry Kayce! - I know we like many of the same bands, but that was a little too weird for me.
I should know better, I should have just said, not quite my style.
I probably would have liked it more if they sang for real instead of the processed stuff.


oh, see the thing is, they dont sing at all, the newest album they use their voice, but not for singing... like regular singing...

im sick i shouldnt be trying to explain things.

youd like it as an album as a whole, me thinks.

the czar

I liked that 2nd one better
Have you seen them live?
I get the idea that the drummer rocks.


no i havent but i want to and if they ever come anywhere near here, im going to see them for sure.

Velvet Jones

Hey dogg,
I remember that one. It is cool.


bat for lashes ftw.


I can't really get into Battles. People rave about them. I don't want to seem like I don't "get it" but I guess I don't get them.

If you like the D.A.N.C.E. video for Justice, look up the video for Kanye's "The Good Life," because they're made by the same artist, So-Me.

Velvet Jones

Awwww... kc game me a bump:)


i need to figure out what to put on your mixxx!

Velvet Jones

Kayce....ughhhh... that 2nd vid was amazing!!!

I knew I had a reason for thinking Don Cab while watching this; I recognized Ian Williams high guitar and spastic quirking.
And dangit, that's John Stanier of Helmet on drums!
Man, he's a living metronome.
My friggin gawd... Some of my favorite artists under one roof.

I've been playing ostrich. Better freshen up on my math rock skillz.

Velvet Jones

-no i havent but i want to and if they ever come anywhere near here, im going to see them for sure.

Fo rill!
Last time I saw Ian was with Don Cab back in 2000.
Damon Che is an octopus:

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this may help me make my mix for you

Velvet Jones

Haven't gotten to that, yet.
No, the Battles one with the crap ton of LED lights!! That's the one I was frothing about.

But yeah, I like LCD so lay dem tracks down, nigga;)

Velvet Jones

Kayce, lay down anything you want... broaden my horizons.
Btw, if you've got any Don Cab, lay it on baby.

Velvet Jones

Kayce, everytime I see that LCD vid I always want to follow it up with around the world.


that battles song is one of my favorites from the album too

i lost a lot of music when my computer died, i think i lost some of my don cab!

Velvet Jones

You're one of the few ladies I know who even likes Don Cab...

I love you.


you tell me this and then im going to get even more anxous about whether or not you will enjoy my mixed cd!

Velvet Jones

Making you anxious is my pastime. I'll quicken your pulse any day.

Are you kidding, it's gonna be spectacular!
It'll have special kc sauce all over it,
you'll make some awesome artwork spritzed with your favorite perfume,
you'll include a case of bullets and...

Velvet Jones

I joined a day after you.
"That's Crazy."

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