Where's My F%!$@% WHOPPER!

Do people really get this mad about hamburgers?
Get a life, really.

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Pretty Funny...

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Watch this

lol @ dramatic commentating!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I'm all for social experiments, but taking this one seriously is ludacris. It's a half-step aware from a candid camera stunt. If they took the "no shoes no shirt no service" sticker off, i'd be more interested in the social aspects of that societal etiquette being compromised.

Still, funny stuff.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Atryu guy, like, annoyed, like, me, like, tremend-like-ously.

jean_warhol profile pic Alumni

those commercials piss me off. Especially the one where the fat hair old man was like, "GET ME A WHOPPER". Like they were going to be, Ok we dont have any but let me go get it.

mezo profile pic Alumni

It is a sad state of affairs when one has loyalty over FOOD.


I can feel my hatred of fast food chains growing.

jean_warhol profile pic Alumni

i really dont know what they are trying to prove. If Mc Donalds did a test like this with the Big Mac, the results would be the same I assume.


best reaction at 4:19

joke told.... pause.... other guy: yeah!

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