I miss you

Watch this

yeah... O.o might want to redo this ... but without naked lady I can see something with your 2 towers that you made getting printed


I love it. I love the fact that you don't notice the woman at first. the birds are beautiful.


Wait wait wait.
Are those supposed to be the twin towers coming out of her? Is that what you miss? I'm not sure what to think of this. It's skirting on the edges of too much sentimentality.


i second the notion monkey III suggested.


i am not sure if i understand with the naked lady there. :-\


nude ppl okay but why in this design??


The picture doesn't really flow. I agree with christi. but I like the idea of how you tried to combine two different things together.


i usually read the title after looking at the shirt, since i should be able to understand it witout it; and this only made sense after reading the title. Before i read it i was not cool with seeing the wtc towers there, but after reading it i feel it is too deeply personal for this contest. I will say that i truly love the design and with the title I felt my heart sink for you and i feel deeply grabbed by the weight of this. But this should be on a wall somewhere, not a tshirt on some kid's chest. I really hope you make this into a true piece of art.


I'm all for a tasteful nude, but I don't think the twin towers should be likened to a personal loss, or missing one single person.

We all miss the towers and we all miss different people, so you may be able to relate to this, but lots of other people will not be able to relate to it.

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The nude's neck seems to be on backwards. Like, if you just look at the head and neck, it appears she's lying on her front or her side with her back to the viewer. But then when you see the body it's reversed.

Also, is there any special symbolism for Lady Liberty in her crotch?


Gross - zero


it looks like her head is on backwards.


I seriously doubt that when this was approved for voting, they were stupid enough to look past the fact there's a naked lady there. You'd have to be pretty dumb.

Secondly, I think it's probably a bit too confronting for most people. Especially with the background... and foreground for that matter. Good design, but maybe not the right forum for it?


its like an illusion. her pubes are suppose so be a hummingbird.


omg! the statue of liberty IS in her crotch!
hairy liberty crotch?


keep the naked lady!


The pubic hair did it for me. 0.


ugh.... what's the point?? the only reason your image is getting any attention is because there's a naked girl.... its badly drawn and designed.
Good Job for objectifying the female form to get unworthy attention... like every other uncreative male advertiser


^ I love angry feminists. :)


I third that. ^

Vaden III

I fourth that. ^

And i like the design. However, i would recommend staggering the height of the towers to shed the WTC allusion. the design would be better without it. If it were an anonymous city, it would come off as longing to be where someone else was. I realize that probably was not your intention when designing, but it is a more universal message.

beautiful style and colors.

my two cents.


The bats or whatever are, shall we say, out of place with a naked woman lying next the Twin Towers. But that's a small point considering the entire design is out of place.


The bats or whatever are, shall we say, out of place with a naked woman lying next the Twin Towers. But that's a small point considering the entire design is out of place.


But at least you didn't use the two most cliched of all flying things, butterflies or birds.


i wish all vaginas were statues of liberty


she also has a rather stubby right arm

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Man, they've really let the bush grow heavy at ground zero since that tragic day, eh?

That joke was in no way trying to poke fun at the tragedy of 9-11, but at the awkwardness of boobies and bush to signify loss and suffering? not a bad drawing of either subjects at all, I just don't understand the combination of them into some deeper meaning.


yo the designers saying he/she misses this chick
i'd assume the 'twin towers' are incidental, really


Don't compromise. This is art, I mean inspiring. I mean I would love for you to tell me what you were thinking when you made this. But I have such a beautiful thought in my mind, if people took a minute to look at this shirt they'd just be speechless. Brava.


I think it's the body of the city that's been damaged. And I can kind a get that. But I don't think it's doing what it's meant to. Maybe if the nude was more of a classical nude, like a reclining Venus? I have to say that before I scrolled my browser down so I saw the figure I was going to give a four but now it's only a two for me. Part of that is just the figure didn't seem convincing as a figure.


I give it a 2. The concept is executed beautifully, I just don't like the colors.


Cool idea, has a lot of potential. Stylistically, I think it could have been done in a different way, and perhaps with the female form a bit less evident. Try to fit her into the rest of the design more smoothly. Another idea is to put the "Liberty" woman into the design somehow. If it were executed perfectly, I'd definitely buy this.


okay so, it's a very pretty picture, but the placement is awkward on the t-shirt. also, if you're looking at it from the aspect of people WANTING to wear the shirt, my suggestion is to have the girls naked back showing, not her front, to make it a little more easy to stomach.

i feel like the full-frontal potentially detracts from the serious sentiment that is meant to be gathered from the design.


I love this design. It's a beautiful rendering and it doesn't lend itself too much to sentimentality. And really, how long will it take before the towers are another Che? they'll eventully be adopted by poli. sci. majors as a symbol of government oppression and the hopelessness of civic action so it might as well be done with something as beautiful and awesome as this thing is.
Also, full frontal stenciled nudity is such a non-issue that it doesn't matter at all. That said, I do feel like I would end up hanging this on my wall rather than wearing it.


Very confrontational. Don't take it off, that's for sure. But when I noticed the Statue of Liberty in her pubic hair, I couldn't get the phrase "Coming to America" out of my head. Which is a weird juxtaposition for such a melancholy work.


I love this. I agree with Jordy though, create a piece of art with this rather than have a bunch of people wearing it without caring what it means to you.


I didn't dig it at first but after looking closely and seeing the title I'd totally wear it. I agree with jordy but if this is how you feel you want to remember whoever cool. I'd love to wear it. $5

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