One second...

interested in stp exchange?

buying today.

Watch this

anyone? anyone at all interested in exchanging stps?

EZFL profile pic Alumni

but its going to be a while... i owe points to someone else first.

neon electric

I'm not buying this week but I can put you 1st on my list for the future.


umm... i'm having a difficult time choosing between the 2 of u. the first one to give me their URL gets it.

plastic taxi cab?

if you go first. i jsut need one more set to buy! please!

plastic taxi cab?

i reallllllly need them before the sale ends and i can pay you back asap.


sorry xiv but there going to go to plastictaxicab. he's in more need. don't worry xiv, u'll be on my future list.

plastic taxi cab?

thanks a bunch man, i really appreciate it, i'll give them right back in like, 5 minutes for my order.

and thanks xiv for showing some love. i really hate whoring for stps.

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