Walk the line

  • by kruth
  • posted Dec 18, 2007

Officer making drunk walk line ,She can.

Watch this

Officer making drunk walk line ,She can.

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hehehe, cute idea. All the little details feel right, except for the bottle spilling out alcohol might be a bit extreme.


I agree. The bottle would make her arrested without walking the line. Very clever, though.

uncle slam

Make her bust a little larger and you got a sale


great story told through a single glance. good job


Neat design, interesting social comentary on how sometimes athletes can get away with things like that; that's how it was in my high school and even college. (Don't know if that was intended, but I think it adds dimensiality to it.)

^Slam- she's a gymnast. They usually don't have much in the way of busts. (Just kidding.)


Yeah the bottle's a bit much, since you have the spinning head. Reminds me of the news about Mischa Barton today. The latest in a string of washed-up starlets who should have started out as gymnasts.


I agree...no bottle...bigger bust


Exactly... Lose the bottle. But cool illustration!


Bottle isn't necessary. Great design otherwise!


"Make her bust a little larger and you got a sale"
"I agree...no bottle...bigger bust" ???

come on people, she's a gymnast.


lol, poor gymnasts.

She's probably fourteen as well. Far too young to be drinking. Or driving.


Nice composition and use of those two circles as a backdrop. I like the color choices for the design and how they look on the shirt. Definitely keep those!

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lolz. that's funny! 5!


Great idea. I think the bust doesn't need to be any bigger - she's a gymnast, after all. I knew a young woman who used to pride herself on her balance in similar circumstances. Very clever design!


this reminds me of a movie i saw called the gymnast.
the lady in the movie drinks wine before she leaves her husband
to go meet her lesbian lover, then gets pulled over by the police
&& decides to do some gymnastic moves or w/e instead of
walking on s striaght line && doesnt get a ticket.
is that where u go the idea from?

Art Amelirae

maybe i have no sense of humour, but i'm not in favour of condoning drinking and driving, although it is well drawn


LOVE the concept, but I wouldn't wear it...don't like the colors, the off purple contrasts hard w/ the red...

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