• by skaw
  • posted May 18, 2006

Watch this

that makes the shirt even funnier

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Go to the border??

But THEY are not FREE past the BORDERS!


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Its that our vending machines dont take quarters made that size (yes, they are different)

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In America, even our vending machines snub those who are from foreign places.


Funny....Americans talking 'bout sense of humor


Well, I'd never buy the shirt, butI can relate to it:
At work when we count the drawers we'll allways be short about 75 cents because we can't send the Canadian quarters to the bank as US quarters. And It's fustraiting, because then you have to explain why the drawers are short, yadda, yadda.


PS one of my teachers is from canada soooo be quiet

wait i HATE that teacher


"PS go to the border and you'll find lots of shops that will take it at par."

wait are you atcually suggesting the whole population of america, go live on the boarder with canada?

Well I suppose if that happens we can re take America.

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What vulcanhalfbreed said


What Ste7en said



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A 12 year old can walk into a Mobil station and buy 3 cartons of cigarettes from the attendant - no problem. BUT, the minute you try and slip a Canadian quarter in when buying a can of pop - BUSTED! "Sorry - we don't take these."

Try and use it for your laundry at the laundromat. Nope. Maybe the pop machine? Nuh uh. Surely this bubble gum machine (the kind with the long slide and the flashing lights) will take it. Sorry pal. You're out of luck. It is because of those moments of frustation that I designed this shirt and submitted it.

To the people of Canada - sorry. You're okay in my book. I'm sorry to have somehow offended every single Canadian in the Threadless community by making a t shirt about the usefulness (or lack there of) of your coins in my country. If I had the option, I would gladly trade them in for their obvious value so that they could be re-circulated in the fantastic land of Canada.

However, due to my current geographical placement (Illinois) I'm afraid I'll just have to throw them in my desk drawer where they can be saved up until either A)Canada invades or B)I come to visit.

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Ha! 'nuff said.

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Whirzle wears the Genius Hat!


whirzle1, it's the arrogance in which you said it, "REAL quarters" that I find annoying. Looks like I've shaken the bees nest here, but hey, I'm not that annoyed, I'm not gonna make a T-shirt about it.

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"I'm not that annoyed"

then why even post about it in the first place?

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What's a "humor"?

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I said REAL quarters because at first glance, they look like quarters that one could use in the US, but as it turns out, they aren't.

If you want to design a t shirt explaining your frustration with my apparent arrogance, go ahead.

...but I doubt that IT will get printed.


Go look at the actual sub.
It tells you why he refers to them as "REAL" quarters.

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Someone's just jealous that they aren't rocking in the FREE WORLD.



Thanks KatieTheMofo, I didn't read whirzle1's submission and it is a cute story and helps me understand why he would write what he did. But if I saw someone wearing it not knowing the story, I wouldn't find it as much cute as I do annoying.

If you can make shirts like that I should be able to come on here and bitch. LOL, how boring would this site be if everyone said, "nice shirt.", "nice shirt.", "nice shirt.", "nice shirt."...


nice shirt...asshole


ha ha ha

so all I have to do with the canadian quarters people have left me as tips in the past is drive up to the border? from florida? ... I'll put it on my weekend to-do list

doesn't really matter anyway ... canadians hardly tip, and if they're feeling generous enough to cough up something in their currency, I just give it back to them.


haa hahhaa this is awesome!

pfftttt hilarious actually


should we be listening to someone who's name backwards is dikker?


i'm from Canada and it doesn't offend. i love it actually.

its funny how we don't have nearly the same amount of trouble with American currency. oour vending machines (and store clerks) gladly accept any coinage without any guff.

maybe because we're just too busy being rockin' lumberjacks to notice or care.

i want to wear this shirt right now.


clearly this blog is indictive of an overt hostility towards the united states coming from the nation of canada...

surely we (The United States) must take swift and sure preventive action to neutralize possible future aggression from the nation of Canada.

obviously we should give Canada an ultimatum to change their ways ...within a specified period of time....

and if not properly address should consider all measures (including military action) to neutralize the Candian menace...

BTW... If anyone thinks I'm being serious you are stupid.

but when you think about it canada does have a lot of land and resources???? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Jus A Rascal

Can't we all just get along. When the draft comes back you all know you're racing to Canada.

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the population of california could take over canada...good times canada....goooooood times


bah the citizenry of Los Angeles are probabley sufficent to overwhelm Canada.... plus the city of LA probabley has more guns in it than in the Canadian Army.

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If we fought a war with canada, and they captured some POW's, and thats a big "if", but if they did, would the POW's get free health care?


If american captured some POWs they'd torture them.
If america had allies they'd do some friendly fire and kill 4 and wound 8.
If america attacked they'd bring down there economy and dig themselves into a deeper deficet.


I have had personal experience of both Canadians and Americans. I don't want to step on any toes, but Canadians have generally been nicer.


deficit, sir.


That is a valid point and concern deboraborialis, and I've put some thought into what I feel is a fair and appropriate response.

...But it's just easier to do this:

U.S.A!!! U.S.A!!! WHOOOOO!

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