One second...


so long sweet grape home...

Watch this

i don't like how you hoodwinked me into going to your deviantART page.


I don't know if this concept has been done before... I haven't seen it... so this is just brilliant. What a great idea. I think more definition on the grapes and give all the other grapes faces and expressions... a mom grape crying... a dad grape... friend grapes... dog grapes... that would put this over the top. More textures like on the bag would ge great too. Also I love the shadowing and action lines. 4 could've been a 5 buy.


I agree with the more definition of the grapes comment... very cool though. I give it 4 thumbs up.

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i think the grape should be saying something more spirited, like "So long, suckers!", or "Free at last!"


i agree with it saying so long suckers! goodbye is just to common and subdue. otherwise leave the art the way it is, i love it

uncle slam

take out the goodbye - the graphic speaks for itself




yeah i agree with biobot and uncle slam's suggestion works too


i think the grapes need some shadows. but i like the print on the little hobo bindle!


.MINUS's ideas there are quite good there, I love the idea of the grape family.


I love the simplicity, which I guess probably is the reason why the type is so basic, but the design and concept are very well done. I would stick to cimplicity, take out any text, like Sam said, and simplify some parts of the graphic more.... The hoppy dots are simple and the grape's face is really just two circles and a semicircle, but the other grapes have these strange organic highlights on them and the stem also has too much complexity (that little notch in it), it contrasts awkwardly with the simplistic feel.

I LOVE IT, just not yet, I want a resub!


Seriously cute!!!


i agree with it saying so long suckers! (: 4


or 'you're a lousy bunch'.
but not in comic sans.


It'd be really funny to see a hand coming from the top left of the shirt, but that's just my sick humor really. I love it!


I love this.
I agree with fribblemctits.


really funny !


perhaps a few other grapes should be recognizing his departure, cheering him on, some crying, wishing him luck. if not a few other grapes, then maybe the collective bunch represented as a whole recognizing him as a piece of a leaving that wholeness to start on it's own.

and i love the dots of the grape hopping away. it's absolutely adorable and ties together all the great simplicity of the whole design. :D


comic sans = epic fail


Aw, I love this. And I'd buy it.
But yeah, I agree with upsanddowns. I hate comic sans.


i would like to see more details in the bunch of grapes, and then you could move the escaping grape to the back of the shirt. kind of cute :)


Get rid of the goodbye, and this design is great


Say goodbye to the text.

On a completely unrelated and irrelevant note, for my whole life I've always thought that grapes burned everybody's throats. Turns out that I might have some sort of allergy or intolerance. Go figure (I finally said "you know, like when you're eating grapes and they're burning your throat and -" and was swiftly corrected. At age 22).


Sweet concept :) I really hope there will be an improved resubmission.


without the text:







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