Color Saturation

Watch this


That's seriously awsome, man! Props! $5


this is beautiful. $5


best shirt ever $5


$5 easy.


Simple, but really great. $5


I love it, wish the flower wasn't so plain though.

my name is cale

thank you so much for your comments everyone. i really appreciate them


magnify everything. make everything a little bigger. otherwise, awesome shirt!

my name is cale

hey spiraldownpour, thanks a lot for your comment. i actually had everything bigger to begin with but i decided to bring it down some because it seemed too overpowering on the white shirt. but i see what your saying and if it doesnt make the cut, ill probably try again with it


make me one! i love it.


hey man this is hodges you used my Idea and i am soooooooo glad.... daisy in the rainbow rain... you know that means i get one for free though right?

uncle slam

cool but the flower holding the umbrella (as well as the rainbow) makes it a little too brokeback


I LOVE it! I agree with you about the size of the design, having it small keeps it striking, but not seizure-inducing. This needs to get printed so I can have one!


It kinda looks like the person wearing the shirt is vomiting rainbows- in a good way?


I'd love it if the flower were realistic


Yeah, the rainbow downpour is great, but it clashes with the style of the flower and umbrella.

my name is cale

hmm.. a realistic flower might look kind of cool. i kept it kind of cartoonish because the flower is holding an umbrelling and looks like it has arms and a realistic flower with arms might look kind of weird. but thanks for your input, i might try another version if this one fails


awesome i love it so much seriously
i'd wear it in a heart beat

Cindy love

This is cuuuuute!
5 dolllla


omfg, I want this on my body.


Does the flower have a little face? Because that would be the cutest. It's an awesome design, anyway.

my name is cale

thank you so much for your comments! seriously, you are all so awesome. uhm the flower doesnt have a face, but if you spread the word around to vote for me and it gets printed, you can buy one and draw a little one on it!


haha my God!!...genius!!!!


indescribably perfect


clever. $5

my name is cale

well thanks for your votes and kind words everyone. ill probably try a different version some other time. thanks again


clever ... I hope this prints.

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