Busterfly Remix

  • by DanhTa
  • posted Dec 16, 2007

my 2nd attempt of my t-shirt after adjusting the design to the viewer's comment that critiqued it last week.

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my 2nd attempt of my t-shirt after adjusting the design to the viewer's comment that critiqued it last week.


I don;t really like butterflies. bit I love this. all the colors are amazing. :]]]


I really like the changes! These are all really cool color combinations. I think my 2 favorites are the one on blue and the one on mint. Great job!


Is very cool. Colors work well.


Awesome colors.


As a dude, I would actually consider wearing this. : )


But maybe minus the girl tshirt and flaming colors of joy part.




I Love Your Color Combinations.

Very Very Pretty.



"It's corny"


By the way, if you go around spamming the old designs of everyone who doesn't give you a "oooh, it's sooo great $5!!!" you'll alienate the very people that would have given you a good score for a good design. Quit acting like a dbag man. Suck it up and be a constructive part of the community.


how about you suck a dick and quit being a bitch =D

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

all your designs are very generic and boring. try putting a pencil to paper and see what comes up that way. frankly i thought you were a fifteen year girl, all your designs scream fifteen year old girl dullness.

could you even try being original?


blue red and white are the best IMHO.


I like the black and the pink!


ok. ginetteginette get a life. everything you've said on peoples teeshirts are insulting. ever thought that maybe oh you know that the target audience of threadless are teenage girls?
its a neat design. just because you don't like it doesn't mean you have to be rude. I mean seriously.


cry a fucking river everybody, cruy me a fuckin river lol


response to chelseaoyesums: i know you just turned 17 and all but wtf do you know about a target audience? do you even know what that means? and yes my shirts are screaming out for you if you assuming it's for young teenage girls. =D i mean seriously, grow some hair.

Farmer Bill

she was backing you up ass hole

i gave it a 1.
that 1 is for an ok presentation but the designer's attitude and hostility loses 4


backing me up? o really? fuck u farmer fag


lol..so overall u were gonna give me a 5 farmer fag?


lol nothing but haters this will be my last comment


did I miss something?

man i rock

i really like this. very beautiful. 5 and a buy



courtney pie

wow. wtf is going on in here?


First, a paragraph on the egregious eyesore that is your designs. The colour choices are ones I might expect to find in Chinatown on the rack of "6 for $9.99" made of cheap cotton that comes pre-stained. In fact, this is a good overall way to describe your shirts. Without even delving into the other atrocities of taste you've created--a p.i.m.p. shirt and the old drawn-on tie trip? seriously? if this was Greece they'd have left you in an urn on the hillside at birth--the lower right t-shirt pictured here is the ugliest thing I've ever seen in my life. It's almost as if you purposefully and perversely created this to make me eyes sting. Fuck you.

That, taken into consideration with your behaviour, I almost find unbelievable?.You're supposed to be twenty-four? When people legitimately dislike your designs--understandable, since they are terrible--you don't tell them to "suck a dick and quit being a bitch =D" or reply with "o really? fuck u farmer fag" when someone attempts to defend their right to criticize? It's strange, but I'm seeing a trend here on Threadless: the best designers are the sweetest people you'll ever want to meet, and the very worst are loud and obnoxious and too defensive. (You'd be good friends with Posn. About the same level of skill involved too, although he claims to be forty-seven, so maybe you're a bit ahead.) Is it because deep down you know how generic and unappealing your designs are and thus when someone points this out, you throw a temper tantrum? Honestly, you disgust me. You've got work on both your art and your attitude. I have a feeling that if the second improved so too would your first.

But that's not going to happen, is it?


the black is beutiful


"the target audience of threadless are teenage girls"

What study did you take that gem from?


I agree with your analysis whole-heartedly, stefakn, but for a guy who has been on this site since 2006 and has no blogs, no designs, and has scored 5 submissions, giving an average score of 1.00, you are not exactly the most qualified candidate to be flippantly handing out such harsh criticism.


Awesome! Love it on the blue.


I really do like the design, especially on pink....but, it just looks like something I could buy at any department store. :( I'm sorry. But I still think it's a very pretty design!


The pink one is wonderful!


It looks like something generic, that I could easily find at any store, such as coughwalmartcough And the hositility? sheesh.


geewally: are you saying that book critics can't review books if they haven't written any themselves?


i like it on the black tee


normally i don't like butterflies, but i love this enough to wish i owned it already.


Well... I for one liked the design, and I'm a guy!

Have to admit, it's not quite my style though :P


And geex, guys! What's with all the hate?

1. Calm the hell down
2. It's a t-shirt, not a declaration of war.


I'm saying you opened up on the guy with a double-barreled shotgun before you earned the right to carry bullets.


love love LOVE it on black...5...$5 on black!!


I like the darker blue with red butterflies. It makes a bright contrast.


geewally: My first reply still trumps. Google Michiko Kakutani, why don't you. Google the entire history of fucking art crit, you dolt.

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