music travels

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does anyone have any kind of critisism at all?
i would like some if any one has the time to comment
like any color suggestions?
or design placement or anything?
i would like to know anyones opinion!

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why does the boombox have legs? I think you could lose them; the wings are whimsical enough. It might be too simple for many peeps, though.


thank you!
and it had legs because its supposed to look like an odd bird boombox thing!


oh! and i'll see what music notes will look like i tried it before and it didnt work because i couldnt draw them right but i'll try it again later!


I like the legs. makes it look more like a wild animal to me. I'd definitely wear it. The only thing that seems off is the bottom cloud being cut off at the side of the shirt(or it at least looks cut off from the front).


thank you!
yes it is cut off at the side but i could always draw another side of the cloud to go on the back!


k thank you for all the helpfull comments so far!
I decided to make the cloud connect in the back and there is also a music note now! so tell me what you think!
anything i should add or take away?


um...nah.. i think its good. maybe lower the note on the back?


Mmm, the speakers look like a fly's/mosquito's eyes to me. Would it be better if you just take away the angel's wings and replace it with a fly's or mosquito's? That would complete the look. Cos I think the radio looks rather weird right now. Just my 2cents.

help me with mine too!


thank you! but my personal opinion is that i like the wings alot but it might also be because i made it. But that is a really good idea!


I changed the note and made it not have wings and i took the random feather out completely
what do you think!?


i think there should be no bird feet and more flying steros


okey day! i'll see if i'll be able to make more sterios and i'll see what it will look like without feet since alot of people have said no feet. I like the feet but its probably because i drew it like that.
but thank you very much for your opinion!!!


i like the feet actually :] not so keen on print on the back, the music note seems to be in a totally different style from the rest of the drawing, so i'd maybe tweak that. I'd maybe make the flying stereo a little bigger aswell and add some scratchy textured notes in the same style as the rest of the design, seems a waste to make the illustration so small! :]

haha that was quite long!

any chance you could take a look at one of mine? cheers! :]

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i think this should be coloured. when line drawings are just left white on the inside it just looks lazy


okey day! thank you all for your comments! i tried coloring it a while back and i failed at it by making the colors bad but i'll try again. and i'll see if i can make the radio bigger or i'll just have the cloud ccontinuing to the back and then have some textured notes going up the front! mabey the notes could be clored? and the radio could stay black and white?


I like this! But I think color would be a good idea. Without it, this is just kinda.. flat. Other than that, this is well done. =]

If you get a chance, can you take a look at mine? Thanks!


thank you! i will tey coloring it when i have the time to! is there anybody that could tell me how to do half tones?


ok i colored it just to see what it would look like !
now the colors are kinda out there but i just wanted to see what people would think!
im still going to have the other half of the cloud on the other side nstuff!
i used different color combinations! so tell me what you think please!
comments, opinions, advice, and suggestions would be wonderfull!


white and light blue are the best.
clean up the lines a bit and sub it.


thank you! i will clean up the lines i just went over the origional real fast to see if people like it being colored!


anyone else?
i will be cleaning up the lines nstuff i just want to know if people like the colors!


i love the dark blue with this


the bottom cloud bugs it going to have that straight edge on the left? otherwise, really cool with all the colors.


yay! thank you!
and no the cloud at the bottom isnt going to have a straight edge...i just wanted to see if people liked the colors!
the cloud at the bottom will continue to the back!
thank you for your comments!


This isn't something I would wear, but it's cute. Try to make the shading dots on the clouds smaller and denser, then gradually less dense. Make sure they fit within the cloud shape.

Please check out my designs


oh i wil!l once again i was just testing the going to clean it up a whole bunch!

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