I just fight with Bruce Leee

Just tell your friends, "I just fight with Bruce Leee!!"

Simulated printing.

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eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

would add that something special if it had some blood stains/splatters near the colar.

aled profile pic Alumni

He needs a good bath! It would be interesting to see if you'd posted the image in a blog without a title, what people would have made of it. I think the title is half of the concept. Great job though!


Bruce Lee has some big feet and some crazy spaced toes! HIIIII-YAAA!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I'm not sure if enough of the story is on the tee. It just kinda looks like someone with dirty feet made a mess of this tee before you put it one. Maybe some fist marks as well on the front or back, and some tears in the clothes that says "Bruce Lee Was Here" or something?

SM Designs

Clever, but I agree with the others it needs more.

kats g

simple, likable..... my boy friend is a kunfu junkie, i would totally buy it for him... (i know he will absolutely LOVE it!!!)


i want!


i want... $5

Pip Jim Huw

Grammatically it should read "I just fOUght with Bruce Lee[e]!!"

Unless extra e is signifying your extending the pronunciation of Bruce's surname?

You could scrawl 'Bruce was 'ere' in a blodd-esque colour on there somewhere?

Pip Jim Huw

Grammatically it sould read "I just fOUght with Bruce Lee[e]!!"

Is the extra [e] to emphasise prouncedly xtending his surname?

You could scrawl 'Bruce was 'ere' in a bloodesque colour?

Needs some work, good idea though


clever, but this shirt doesn't do much for me without knowing the title.


The design needs to have the title worked in somehow, otherwise it doesn't make much sense.

Flying_Mouse profile pic Alumni

The title is part of the design as always, evey design need a title.

PJH, thanks for the "FOUGHT" issue, my grammar is not really good :) And yeah, this is Bruce Leee.

Thanks for all great comment so far.


i could take black paint and walk on my shirts too.


You need the text on the shirt, if not no one will get the pun.


blood stains!! for sure


w/ bruce lee all you needed was just one foot.
one swift foot.


funny and well done

Bramish profile pic Alumni

I think designs need to stand alone without a title. This is a funny idea, and luckily as with a lot of your stuff, looks cool on a tee, regardless of whether people 'get it'.


Bruce Lee got this design straight from Jabbar!


i like the bad grammer... it is a tribute to the horrendously bad subtitles/dubbing of the old kung-fu flicks


I like it. Maybe the footprints should not look too identical. One may be a stronger kick than the other or a kick on the stomach would leave a different mark than a kick in the chest?


don't get it without the title, but like the graphic. i agree, think it would be better if the feet were different, or maybe smudged to make it look like a real kick?


I agree, don't get it without the text. Especially since all three footprints are the same. Can it have a title? Or just a picture of Bruce? 3

cmoorenator profile pic Alumni

i agree with mshgna. the bad grammar is great!


yeah, or proper engrish ... I just fight with Bluce Reee



DaniellesGarden profile pic Alumni

I think I would like this even if it had nothing to do with bruce lee.. dirty foot prints on a shirt.. thats classic. seriously, without the title, its a funny shirt.. with the title, its funny in a different way.. lol


Needs blood spatter or something. Bruce Lee wouldn't just leave a dirty footprint, he would leave dirty footprints, a broken jaw and a bleeding nose...catch my drift?


You need to make it obvious that it was a fight because, honestly, I would have never gotten it without the title. Furthermore, my guess would have been that it was some kind of religious shirt--don't ask me why. Sorry.


brilliant. I'd buy it


"I Was Stuck in a Tribal Stampede" suits this better.


Definitely blood stains on it would be better, still awesome.


i love it $5!!!


is bruce lee right footed or does he use both legs to kick?


i like it but all the footprints are too identical for me, maybe mix it up a bit with a left foot print?


The shirt would just look dirty .__.

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

I would have titled this design "Wah-TAHHH!!!"

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