Watch this

just think about it for a sec if you don't get it


got rid of some of the white outlines
also showing the colors i used

what should i do now? less colors? what what what?


got rid of the pink
made mustache bigger

anything else?

(also, this was made in a vector program, so the lines are not actually as pixelated as they appear. sorry for the quality, but the 250KB limit is a killer :p)


Perhaps get rid of the word, and make the corn over shadowing the pop corn? like have the box of popcorn and behind the pop corn- have the stalk of corn looking down upon it with like an evil grin?


i love the idea but not really your execution. the popcorn doesn't look like popcorn and why is he wearing a mustache? the 250 kb limit shouldn't be a killer at 640x800 pixels. try making it a jpg or png

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