Stumbled upon this site

My life is changed now... all my mindless doodling might not be just wasted tuition money at college anymore... maybe something more will come of it... just maybe.

But probably not...

I have high hopes with some design ideas, first I need to figure out how to use my computer... apparently thats a big deal here. Oh, and I guess I have to work a real job and go to school. Shucks.

Well, anyone with sagely advice to bestow upon a newb, feel free. Seem to be a pretty involved and skilled community, hopefully I will be able to contribute

or be weeded from the ranks...

Watch this

did you use "stumble upon" to stumble upon this site?



im sure someone will post some links to tutorial blogs soon enough. i would if i knew where to find them



do you know much about Twain's later writings? that would help please...

oh wait...nevermind


I submitted a design to critique and its been 3 days and its still "pending approval"... did i submit it wrong or something?

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if it's pending you actually submitted submitted it and not to critiques. Designs generally take 4-8 days to get approved


Well shit, i guess i submitted to the general contest. If you do that does it have to fit into one of the current themes?


Thanks guys...and are responding with incredible speed. props.

Last thing... sorry, so the best way to get a design in is to put it up for critique and get a rating then submit? Does a high rating guarantee they will accept it? And finally, you only win if they actually print your design correct? (I done with questions now)

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blast! ive been beaten! so ill just further elaborate... the ratings in the critiques are made by the community basically stating whether or not they think your design is ready for submission. Its a helpful tool if you're just starting. The rating in the critique has no bearing on whether or not it will get accepted... thats up to the staff.


Thanks a lot guys, definitely a big help clearing everything up. I'm jacked to give this a few shots.

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