hobo racing

Watch this

Nice homage to hodgman :)

fish killscats

i would rock this shirt all the time its great

Bio-bot 9000
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why is it completely vertical? If it was diagonal, it would look like what I saw in San Francisco all the time. the skewed orientation just doesnt do it for me. ( i keep thinking the guy's gonna tip forward counterclockwise)


did you draw that?... the artist is a beast. the placement is illmatic. word..


i agree with Bio-bot9000.
i think it would look better at a diagonal angle. the verticalness makes me kinda nausious.
but i love the style.


a word on placement: I'd say go for more of a diagonal. or, if you decide to stick with vertical, maybe a bit less intense shadowing underneath? although I can't say I'd know how that would turn out... just that the shadowing makes some strange vertical lines.

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Great idea, great illustration, (I dragged it off and spun it around in Photoshop), and terribly wrong placement. If this scoring goes badly I would change the placement and resubmit if that's allowed.

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I love the idea. I love the art. I would love to 5$ it.

But I can't.

Get diagonal or get horizontal. This is just... Gads... Well, as it is, I'll 4 it.


The art is awesome, diagonal though. 5!


I love the art, but seriously? Vertical?

Make it diagonal and it's a winner.


ahoy commenterinos, this is the art-ish who designed this thing. i know most of you don't like the vertical, truth be told i did this for a digital illustration class. i did have it horizontal/diagonal before my teacher got to it, and he changed it around. due to the deadlines and me wanting an A, i didn't touch it. however, if this doesn't win due to that little misfortune, ill totally redraw the thing, diagonalize it, re submit it, and await for your love.

this drawing is actually based off of a homeless man i saw in the streets of oakland, he had two pit bulls helping him pull his cart.



Extremely kewl. You deserve an A. Ditto the diagonal. You know what they say, those who can "do" and those who can't..."teach." ;o)


Good deal. I really like it but I agree that the placement should be a little different.


Agreed, horizontal or perhaps diagonal? The art is great and I love the idea. Since it is a hobo after all, maybe they should be dirty stray dogs? Or verile cats, haha.

Keep up the good work!




If I were passed out in a gutter, the shirt would work; otherwise, it should be horizontal.

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