Same color?

is this still the weird off yellow i see in all the user photos?

because it looks pretty searingly white in the new product pic.

Watch this

unfortunately its off white now
but i'm happy that its reprinted all the same!
i just wish it was a more...exciting color :P


it's cream coloured now


yeah it used to be "lemon" which by the way is like yellow on crack


just got mine in the mail, and it's kind of an ivory shade. the colors pop (well, the white doesn't exactly pop, but whatever) very nicely. i'm very excited to finally get this shirt!


i've said it once... i'll say it again:

i also wanted it to be on yellow again... but the cream has grown on me sooo much. i wouldn't have it any other way, at this point!


such a cool shirt.. but $25? sigh..

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