Don't be hating the blue

  • by spanksu
  • posted Dec 10, 2007

This shirt could be rainbow and still be uber fabulous! Tsk Tsk picky picky people.

Watch this

I want red :( Red/Black/White/Grey is an awesome colour combination.

Not that I didn't buy 2 in blue anyway...


i actually like it on blue.
i don't see why everyone's freaking over the color change.


The blue actually works well for the hoodsie, but the other styles should be red.

phish the fish

Thats true. Though I can't see myself wearing a baby blue hoodie.


The powder blue is not very comic book colours. Bold primary colours to me rang truer.
I don't think I shall buy it, especially since I already have a powder blue top and I am trying to expand my threadless t-shirt colour range.


Thats the thing - not many designs suit bold colours - you can count the number of red / orange shirts without having to take your socks off. Seems a shame not to reprint one of the few red shirts that worked.

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