• by joha42
  • posted Dec 10, 2007

How I feel most of the day...

Watch this

How I feel most of the day...


HAHAHA I seriously waited a few seconds for the image to load before I got it. o_O you get a 4 for making me laugh, but I think it's too simple to be a print.


I think the simplicity is it's strength, but threadless users are a pretty tough crowd, so if I at least get a few laughs out of it, that might have to be good enough.

thanks for the 4.

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This will be a HUGE hit in the future when animated shirts are the norm.


Maybe they could make it to where its one of thsoe hologarm things where you can see it animated depended on where you are looking at it


that would be awesome if they could pull off something like that. I am not educated on all the crazy inks they have out there today. luckily I think the design still works flat...


definatelly fun, but as a non-mac user i'd probably not wear it.. to avoid the cliché ;)


I'm sorry, but I've seen this somewhere else.


lol, i was like, hey im on a pc not a mac when i saw it. I think its a good idea, but wouldnt wear it


bob - I don't know if you saw this a while back in the critique section, I had uploaded the idea before. other than that, I guess the concept could easily have been done before. But since I hadn't yet seen it, it appealed to me...


Haha ... hilarious ... I waited for the actual design to load as well :)

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So, you want 2 grand for copying an image that doesn't make sense on a tee, eh? Maybe with the words it's worth a little more, but still....


haha cool


Very funny, I was waiting for the design to load :-p


why am i even paying for broadband!? I've staring at this shirt for 30 minutes and it STILL hasnt finished loading.


lol i was actually waiting for it to load.


damn, you got me too.


i'd like it better with text


I'm not sure if I would get it if it was on a shirt, but now it definitely fooled me for a few seconds :) nice one.


maybe it needs text if it's on a shirt? 5$ anyways


the text should go on the lower back corner of the shirt

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if those are seperate tones, then thats 16 colours to print...


needs color; either bright background or mac loading sign.


Please put three little dots under the image... it would just accentuate the perpetual state of loading one is in.

I think that simple prints are awesome only if they have a great colour of tee to add a little something extra. Please put this on dark purple or cranberry.


I actually waited a few seconds for the image to 'load'. Now I feel pretty dumb. XD Nice design.


I kept the color gray to better relate to the mac loading screen - but i definitely see your point - thanks.


oh that damn symbol. and when it just keeps going and going... ugh.


Though I honestly wouldn't wear it, I have to give you a 4 for actually making me wait. I was about to refresh my browser.


haha. no copywrite infringement here? good shirt $4. you should also do the ainbo pinwheel of doom. and maybe have a crude sketch of some art student on the back freaking out.


I have been that art student Jordy.

Personally, I couldn't imagine there would be a trademark infringement, since I've seen the same symbol used in other (non-mac related) areas online.


holy shiz, I thought the page was loading!


When I saw the flash symbol, I thought, "Oh great, I'm gonna have to sit through some loser presenetation animation."

Awsome man. I give it a $5


ok, only thing... it should have a little bit thicker bars


I will give ya a 5 because it is cool and i thought the pge was loading at first. LOL, maybe add something in the background or something because it is so simple


yessssssssssssssss. perfect.
augh, reminds me of my good old days in high school Journalisim...and their maaaaaaaaaacs.


Wow. I feel really dumb. I totally thought the shirt was loading. -_-

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