Gone in 1 day?

Once again, Threadless have underestimated demand on a T-Shirt. You'd think that with all the other shirts even hinting at a connection to Batman going very quickly in the main Gents size of Large that they would order more in, but no. Once again Real Life gets in the way of me ordering a shirt and once again I am stopped from getting something I want due to low stock. sigh

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poor you. this story makes me sad.. that someone would have to miss out on such an amazing shirt because it was out of stock.

mad cat

whatever, baby! that's how you play the game!


I know how you are feeling. D:

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Actually, the quickest sizes to go tend to be S and M.


I'm feelin that too. Signed up to buy my first Threadles tees after browsing for months, had intended to get this one. Tried to buy it but my card type isn't accepted, left it a day, went to try another card and it was out of stock. Crazy!

How many of each get made?


I neeeed this shirt to be reprinted. Run it again like last time with in case of zombies...except this time only run it again once...not every few months


woohoo. party time! excellent!


Threadless tees are supposed to be limited edition. We all know the pain of losing out on a shirt that sold out quickly, but I'd rather it be the way it is now than have 10,000 in every size or something. Then they wouldn't be special.


They don't underestimate stock. there are a lot of people thats all.


I know the feeling! I had just placed a $40 order, days before this shirt was released. So I waited a day or two to come back to get this shirt as a gift, and it's already sold out. Oh well! Hopefully the demand for this one will get reprinted.

Happy holidays to you anyway!


I totally feel for you. I was going to buy and I went to the shop.. but they had JUST changed all the shirts, so it was gone... then the guy working there told me to go to the warehouse.. buuut they were closed and wouldn't be opened until monday.. soooo how are alllll the girl shirts gone? this sucks!! get people to get them to reprint it. we can do it before the holidays are over!!!!!!

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