"Dashboard Romance"

Love can be warm and love can be chilly- and sometimes they meet in between in the most unlikely of places.

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Love can be warm and love can be chilly- and sometimes they meet in between in the most unlikely of places.


mmm good idea- thought of it, but as a first admission I was trying to keep the # of my colors down and make it as simple as possible.


! whoa! I've never seen that! crazy! lol thanks for the link!


Are snowglobes put on dashboards? Hahahaha

Great design! $5!


its been done. pixar did this idea a long time ago and then put it as a short for finding nemo


cute! i agree with the poster who suggested a touch of red. i think it would look great.


love the colors and the humor of it! my favorite things- snowmen and anything which reminds me of a warmer climate and the beach!! Great first try. It has mass appeal...


love the colors and the humor of it! Great first try...My favorite things-snowmen and hula girls!


No red! It's better the way it is. Red hearts would draw the eye to them, and you'd lose out on the clever color juxtaposition you're currently using.


wish it looked more like a dashboard... right now it doesn't at all.


Didn't know bout Pixar, an didn't do a 'dashboard', because it'd take away from the lil peoples an a line would be unflattering too... slypork called it on the red, that's why I didn't. But thanks for the comments! Keep em coming! :)

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but with a dashboard, it makes more sense. And you could draw a slight background behind them faded out, and maybe have an air freshener hanging off the rear view mirror of a girl getting jealous at the two lovebirds below. Or not.


yeah... this is taken pretty directly from a pixar animation about a smowman in a snow globe who falls in love with a hula girl in the snow globe across the room from him...


No dashboard necessary. it's a ridiculous detail to pick apart and totally unnecessary to the design or its meaning. Besides, it's not like it's even mentioned on the shirt itself, so who cares? If people are finding this confusing, i'd say give it a new title, if anything. The hula girl and snowman are really cute and well-drawn and say all that needs to be said.

And no red hearts or air fresheners or rear-view mirrors, either. Simple.

I also take issue with people jumping to the conclusion that evilbunny knocked this concept off of pixar. Clearly she's a very talented and creative illustrator, so if her design resembles pixar's idea it's likely just a coincidence. Aside from that, the pixar animation has a very different style/feel to it- it's all about frustration, and not cuteness- and there's no hula girl anyhow (it's a bikini girl and a mermaid, fyi).

I'd wear it. ; )


I love this design! The concept is great. Some people mentioned putting a dashboard in but that would be lame and detract from the real message. Your audience should be smart enough to get the dashboard concept without actually having to see it. And for the love of god, an "air freshner in the rear view window" would be horrible and take away from your great art work.


i love it. simple. to the point. very adorable.

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