Men's Small Equal Woman's ?

So, do the sizes like cross over anywhere? :P

If you used mens small, would you be able to use women's medium?

Or are the woman tees with shorter (arms holes?)
Or are they designed to have breast-space?

Curius, curius...

Watch this
jet approves

it would be a womens l/xl. the sleeves usually look weird on guys though.


If you check the size chart, a men's small is not much different to a kid's 12. Same width, just a little shorter.


Orr.. A shame...

I not that fond of the big sleeves on the normal threadless tees..

The select ones fit super.. Exept the last one I got :P

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I'd say a women's XL. They shrink pretty good. The neck is slightly wider and the arms are shorter, so it's a bit of an odd fit. I tried it once as a replacement for a men's M, but to be honest it did not work. On me it looks like I want to show off my midriff all the time. I'm probably going to cut them and stretch them across frames for art in my flat.


Hmm-. Like them to be tight..

Maybe I should try the kid shirts size 12 :S

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I like fitted shirts too, which is why I tried it. I very rarely buy FotL, more for their labor standards, but also for the fit. I usually just get the Selects for myself, I tried the women's because they were on AA. It wasn't the tightness that bothered me, it just fit in an odd way.

jet approves

yeah, i had my guy friend try on my girly xl and the sleeves looked really feminine on him.


Girly XL. It'll be kinda fitted though, and looka bit feminine. Some guys do buy girls shirts though. I'm not going to name names.


Mens small = women's "it's a nice size, honey"

jet approves

i still wouldn't advise getting a girly size because the sleeves look weird on most guys.


If not, I shall give it to my sister and say " Oh.. To bad, I thought it was your size :P)


my comment has nothing to do with this entry, but I've just read your comment concerning one of my reconstructed shirts.
why thank you! ;-)


Haha.. Nice..

some people said I was a pervert, but It seems like you can take a compliment :D

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