Space Chimp

  • by Kprojekt
  • posted Dec 04, 2007

Homage to those poor chimps sent into space. God bless you little ones.

Watch this

Homage to those poor chimps sent into space. God bless you little ones.


This is lovely, but I think it should be larger on the shirt. Nice work.


dimlylitstar, I like having the design smaller and a bit more subtle, although that's just my taste in tshirts. If more people would prefer a different size and placement I'll do it for sure.

Thank you :)


this absolutely rocks!


Pretty sweet, man. Nice job!

Simpletinrobot profile pic Alumni

I have a weird soft spot for space apes, I'd by this right away because of said soft spot.


Yep that's my redbubble site, although through that site I own the copyright information and they only act as an agent. :)

DaniellesGarden profile pic Alumni

yeah, I thought so, but I still dont know I thought that I read somewhere that you couldn't submit something here if it was already being printed somewhere else, that you had to wait like 90 days or something, wish i could remember where i read that.


"The participant will keep ownership of the submitted design. The participant may display or archive the design in a portfolio or personal collection, but may not sell or reproduce the design for commercial purposes for three (3) months after the design has completed scoring."

So In accordance to the submission terms I'm not doing anything wrong. I'm more concerned if people enjoy the poor chimp. Hang in there little ones, I hope you make your voyage home.


i love it!

needs to be bigger

needs to be giant!


whats with the skull? oh and BIGGER


It's an homage to the poor chips lost in space, I feel it appropriate for him to hold a skull of a human ;)

Green Eyed Lilith

cool design, but would have been even better in different colors


No way about going bigger. It's more mournful and witty social commentary if it's smaller.


i think it should be higher placed, but anyway,


Thanks Nate, that was my intent. Although I do agree it should be a little higher to the collar :)

quister profile pic Alumni

I'd keep the size as is but raise it a bit, nit nit. I do like the drawing and the championing of the chimp idea very much. I do however, think the skull distracts from the idea. I'll give it a 4 and raise it to a 5 if you can explain the skull's reason for being.


Hey quister, thanks for your interest in the design.

The whole idea behind the skull is to metaphor the idea that the chimp in our history never came back alive. So instead of a traditional helmet in hand, a human skull. Hope that makes sense ;)


i like the size just the way it is. very nice!


Well didn't make the cut, but thank you for your critiques and comments. I'll make more for sure :)

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