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  • by Klisk
  • posted Dec 03, 2007

On the size charts the long sleeves seem to run a bit larger/wider than the short-sleeves, should it be safe to order a size smaller than normal?

Also, um, are the long sleeves subject to the holiday sale? What are they normally priced? I know that both the t-shirts and the hoodies are part of the sale, so I'm curious about the long sleeves...


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I was also wondering about the long sleeve shirt too. I would wear a small t-shirt, so I'm pretty sure I'm safe with a small long sleeve shirt.


Yeah... I normally wear Large but I can fit medium just fine (though a bit snugly.) Since these are bigger than t-shirt mediums I was wondering if it would fit more comfortably or not in medium..


Welp, I ordered it, so I guess I'm going to find out on my own haha. :) I have enough short-sleeve black t-shirts, but a long sleeve would be useful so the investment seems a+ to me even if black.


So I usually wear a medium short sleeve (although they are a bit big) but I can go for the small long sleeve, so going down a size shouldnt be a problem. The threadless made t-shirts are at approximately 184% better than the FOTL ones.

jenna lenenna

are the girly long sleeves printed on american apparel or threadless?


Rock and roll. I'm really excited to receive the shirt now, C-Handler. Thanks for confirming, and awesomeness.


hey does anyone know if the long sleeves are printed on the threadless brand? i was looking at the size charts and it made it look like they were, but id never heard anything about long sleeves so i wasnt sure... it would be awesome if they were!

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