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  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted Dec 03, 2007

It's been a long time coming, Threadless friends, and now we are ready to begin the unveling of...

Custom Threadless Brand Tees!!!

Over the past 7 years, we have taken to heart your comments, compliments, and complaints to help create our very own custom Threadless brand tee. We're very proud of it! And we're very proud of you for helping us design it. All of the new tees are Threadless custom cut 100% ring spun combed cotton. Please refer to the new custom tee dimensions on our sizechart to see some of the changes!

Home Is Where The Heart Is, released today, is the first Threadless brand tee to be sold on our site. Over the next few weeks, we'll be introducing more and more designs on this new and exciting tee and eventually we'll be using them exclusively! So give it a whirl and let us know what you think!

Your friends at

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Montro profile pic Alumni



Congrats guys!


the new shirts are a huuuuuge improvement on the guys FoTL shirts. i'm so happy with the change.


do they fit like AA? will they shrink?


i just ordered that shit im siked to see which color bird ill get and to wear the new threadless brand tee!


i have yet to wash/dry mine.


oh brother here we go again with all the questions...

numbskulls, it's really easy, you look on the sizing chart and you compare them to the others...

Edword profile pic Alumni

wowzers! the new shirts feel great!

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

excellent! congrats you guys!

hope the fit hasn't changed too much from last years' threadless branded shirt!


dont call me a numbskull fireofheaven ill judo chop your face lol

EZFL profile pic Alumni

FireOfHeaven on Dec 03 '07 at 1:00pm
oh brother here we go again with all the questions...

numbskulls, it's really easy, you look on the sizing chart and you compare them to the others...

its pretty hard to trust the size chart when they've been using FOTL and everyone of those shirts vary in size...

im glad these new shirts are finally here!


yay for new shirts

boo for me not wanting that one

hmm for curiosity

zipperking profile pic Alumni

they feel so lovely and soft, i only wish the collar band was a little wider. other than that, they're wonderful :)


the collars look thinner


skaw profile pic Staff

we'll hopefully be releasing one or two more designs a week on the custom tees until we get our big order in and are able to start going completely exclusive... 2 more next week :)

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

are the alumni shirts the new shirts? 'cause mine had side seams, and that was bad.


brian a tube spun means so side seams so probably not

TheArtRobot profile pic Alumni

Sweet! What colors do they come in?


yeah, i'd like to see some NEW shirts on the custom tee rather than a reprint of a select. i know, i know, no one is ever happy...

I assume the price point still the same?

xiv, when someone says will they fit like AA? will they shrink? they obviously aren't taking the 3 extra clicks to read the information provided.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

holy fuck, and it comes in pure silver for guys!!!!!!!


yay for pure silver instead of the ugly heather grey.

i do think the color band looks kinda thin on the girls.


uh actually i did FireOfHeaven...and it doesnt say anything about it, so i would appreiciate it if you wouldnt be a jerk thanks


the collar looks ridiculously thin on the girls which i cant tell is just the way the picture is/the's concerning


sonmi profile pic Alumni

oh neat!

Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Alumni

cheers, for the custom shirts and skinnycorp for taking them into use. the alumni shirt is great, smells fab too.

Rachel Ray Gun
Rachel Ray Gun profile pic Alumni

the collar is a bit thinner for girls, but i don't see how that's very concerning. it doesn't dip too low or anything.


is this the regular price for the shirts?


So -- I'm confused. Let me get this straight...

All the new shirts will be printed on the threadless custom shirts? I'm assuming that means that the page will say: Printed on the all new Threadless custom tees!!

If it says otherwise, then we can assume that the guys will be printed on the FotL 50/50 and the girls on the AA 100%?



Oh, and yea -- $5 more for guys and $3 more for girls?

I don't see how this is so incredibly fabulous. It's sort of better for the guys, since 50/50 isn't the greatest.. but for the girls? Just paying another $3 for the shirt.. not so great.

jublin profile pic Alumni

dip it low, flip it, and reverse it.
much love missy!

mine seemed really huge when i got mine. like it was labeled men's medium, but was actually a large. from what i've heard they should seem smaller if anything! hmmm... i'm on the case


Sorry -- didn't really see that design as a select. I retract said statement about the pricing.

However -- I was just getting used to the sizing of the AA's.. sadness.


hell yeah!


Looks like the girly XLs still won't fit, while guys medium fits well...except for the chest.


valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Hooray! I'm glad the switch is finally being made :-)


Was "Cut Loose" on the custom tee?

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