This isn't the shirt you're looking for....

Bah! Got a reprint notification for one of the few shirts I still want and what do I find? It hasn't been reprinted on a Polo shirt but on a normal T-shirt. Rubbish!

Watch this

I have the exact same feeling. Looks like Threadless wants to have us settle for a normal Tshirt when it was never intended to be printed on that.



yeah i was so disappointed when i saw the picture and it WASN'T on a polo...


haha, I like your attempt at makein us feel better about it, Im thinkin one of the birds is pink, aint sure of course though


I absolutely LOVE this shirt and have been dying for it to get reprinted and I'm also so disappointed that it's not a polo!! Does it say that anywhere, or are we just able to tell that from the new pictures? I really loved the polo look, I think it goes much better with the pocket bird. What are the chances it will ever be a polo again?

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the polo tees looked a bit reTRO with the huge floppy collars. i prefer the sans collar look now


man I saw this and for a few seconds I was like "This doesn't look as good as I remember" It took me a few seconds to realize that it wasn't on the polo shirt and then I got super disappointed. What happened threadless????


I wanted it to be a polo shirt so I could get it as a work shirt :(

Kai Leijona

I would definitely have purchased this had it been on a polo but I'm just not diggin' it on a tee...

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I wanted a 2xl version of the polo due to my sudden increase in bhudda belly. I still might try out the shirty version as well tho.



A HUGE part of how successful this design was, was because of the POLO SHIRT. Was someone getting lazy at threadless? Do collared shirts cost too much? BULL POO WITH A SIDE OF LAMESAUCE.

sorry, im just really grumpy cuz I missed out on the polos, and i got excited to see this tee was reprinted....but then to have my HEART TORN ASUNDER by the lack of COLLARED GOODNESS....noooOOOOOOOooooooooo

so threadless, please reprint these on polos, i think a multitude of people will agree with me.

daniel, the SUPER BUTT HURT threadless suporter.


=[ I really wanted this to be re-printed.......... on a polo. So I could wear it to work.

What a let down. I'm really dissapointed.


the thing is youre paying $20 for a tiny lil print now....the polo made it alll worth it.

sucks balls


i really really wanted the polo and would have definitely bought one, i had my credit card out and everything.. and what do i find? Its on a normal boring tshirt and just isn't the same.
Ah well, your loss Threadless.


I'd buy it if it was on a polo. Normally I don't wear too many polos but it worked with this design. It just doesn't look as good on a tee.


I would have SO gotten this HAD they released it as a polo! I agree! Shame on you, threadless. You did wrong. Bad dog. Bad.


I like the tshirt. I got the polo and it doesn't fit well at all.

Maybe Threadless should also invest in girl-shaped polos? They are out there, you know. Unisex sucks.

sweet archie

I like it, I don't mind it's not a polo.


agreed, i wouldn't have clicked reprint if i knew it would be on a tee. blech.


Not buying unless it's a polo, sorry threadless. Not worth it at ALL!


one of the ? color is purple. not sure what the other is. :O

yeah, i really wish it was a polo :/ man...


where's my polo shirt? why a tee?

anyway, i think its carl the crow (black) and dolly the dove (white). thats the best thing i can come up with that sticks to the solid colored birds.


C'mon!! 20 dollars for the freakin T-shirt version! Not cool Threadless!! Gimme my POLO!


Definitely Dolly the Dove, so Carl the Crow would make sense for black/white.

But a Purple/or gray Carl the Cockatiel is also a possibility.


Biggest Threadless disappointment ever! This was the design that got me into this website and since then I've been waiting for a reprint...

Let's face it...this design was made for a polo. It does not look good on a regular shirt!

I'm not buying...


Pleased it wasn't just me with a sour face when I checked my reprint notification out yesterday - I have been praying for this to be reprinted and the POLO is what made it sooo special. Bah Humbug. There goes my uber cool xmas present to my lil' bro :(

Reprint on a polo and I will happily pay $30....

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