Why not a Polo!

  • by Cancerfly
  • posted Dec 03, 2007

I clicked the REPRINT button for this design an insane number of times ... so when I saw it on the main page I was like YESSSS OMG FINALLY!! ... but they reprinted it on a tee .__. Love the concept, however it really doesn't look as spiffy as it did on the polo shirt. Oh well :(

Watch this

You're right! It would be better on a polo. But hey now it's only $10. And it's printed on threadless'own shirts


sorry to burst ur bubble, but it's 20 bucks


It was $10 for the first ... 5 minutes. Then they changed it. Oh well. Will be giving this a miss, now x__X $20!

Maybe other people will adopt the birds instead.


I know, I guess they made a mistake, I wish I bought it before it changed




I bought it when it was only $10! Hope they don't turn back on that

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i believe the question is Why Not Apollo?

Because Athena was taken! lol

naw, that doesnt make sense.


It's a great design for sure, but $20 is a lot considering that there is nothing but a small graphic which did not cost much to print compared a lot of others. I would pay $20 - 25 for the Polo but I can't do it for the t-shirt :(


As much as I love this design and freaked when I saw it was reprited, I am incredibly disappointed that this is not a polo. It is not worth the 20$ with s&h. Sorry Threadless.


I agree...I guess I understand why it's only been reprinted on regular tees, but since I really wanted the polo this is almost worse than no reprint at all...still just out of reach, and not really worth the $20 plus shipping if the sale's still going on. Bummer.


boo on tee! i want polo polo polo!


another vote for the polo version of this! and I agree. This is worse than had they not printed it cus there's NO WAY it will get printed on a polo again :( :( (anytime soon) :(


ANOTHER vote for the polo!!! i am so disappointed and like everyone else, i would have paid $20 for a polo, but i've got to pass on the tee. so sad, i was really looking forward to a new pet bird!!


I was super-excited about this reprint until I saw that it's not a polo this time...definitely not buying it now!


I second all of this.
- Crazy excited about the reprint, have loved this forever.
- Really disappointed it's now a tee.
- Why the hell is it $20? Makes no sense, should be reduced.
- Threadless, please explain your reasoning and try to make it right.


$20 t shirt during the $10 sale. wooohooo :/


I wanted it on the polo....I need more biz cas clothing for semi-professional environments.

Don't really think it's worth $25/$20 now.... :/


yeah why is this shirt still $20 it's not on american apparel and its not on a polo. This is really sad I am not buying this shirt.


I would buy it if it was on a polo! a tee is just too boring! and $20???


I was so excited to see that it had gotten reprinted, and I clicked, and I saw, and I died a little inside.


usually i hate these kinda blogs... but i pretty much agree with everything being said here

i was really looking forward to a threadless polo with this sweet design on it



I agree: I was so stoked and then crushed: twenty dollars and no polo: weak!


Boo for tees. And it's still $20!


yes to everything already said



i clicked this for a reprint at least dozens of times and i was so surprised to see that it wasn't a polo anymore!! :O gah!!


It's $20 because it's a Select, people and would otherwise be $25! And I'd have preferred the polo too.


i think it's because it's the first print to be on their new tees and they wanted to release it on them.

maybe polos are too hard for threadless?


i think its $20 because its on the new threadless-made shirt. and if thats the case i'm going to be VERY disappointed if all the new post sale threadless-made shirts are $25. I'd rather them just use fruit of the loom/american apparel.

oh yeah, and i agree with everything said above. yes there are tshirts with pockets but not such an unnaturally large one.


It would've looked awesome on a polo.

A Threadless polo!

But US$20. {sadface}


i think its $20 because its on the new threadless-made shirt.

it's $20 because it's a SELECT design.


I would definately put this in the Select catagory printed on a polo but not on a t-shirt.


you guys don't understand the concept behind the Select.


Here is a copy & paste from Threadless Service & Help.

Select tees are an exclusive, anything-goes tee shirt canvas.They are not limited in colors like the regular Threadless tees and can use specialty inks. Therefore, the Select tees cost a bit more than the other shirts.

A valid reason for some selects but not ALL of them.

That is what I understand about Selects. That and that they are printed on American Apparel which when purchased in bulk are not much more expensive than FotL. And I stress Not much more expensive.

So, the fact that this t-shirt uses more than 4 ink colours is the only reason for it being $25 ($20 on sale).

We were so accustomed to seeing this design as a polo and I think most people had their hearts set on that particular style. I myself was really disappointed as were the majority I believe.


the Select is all about the artist, my friend. it's hardly about the colors or printing process. it's giving the artist whatever they need to make their design - sometimes, that's less than a shit ton of colors.

by the way, i'd take the new Threadless shirt of the polo, anyday.


Fine Dan, but it still does not justiy the price tag.


Yeah...this did look pretty awesome on the polo. :\

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