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Dead People

  • by ralphi
  • posted Dec 02, 2007

Some doodles of some of the dead people I could think of.

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Some doodles of some of the dead people I could think of.

EZFL profile pic Alumni

this is great.

id like to see the complete version though... like what skulls are behind the model.


Kurt Kobain one is funny (but also sad)

$5 for your simple and creative shirt

more colors wouldn't be bad

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

love it without color


I'm not going to lie, at first when I glanced at it I did not like it, but the more I read through the names and looked closer at the skulls I think that I am really starting to like it more and more, especially the Kurt Kobain Skull lol $4

beesneak profile pic Alumni



4 just for the Kurt Cobain skull (lolz)

aled profile pic Alumni

hahaha. Amazing! $5


Joan of Arc, Napoleon Bonaparte, Marissa Cooper, Kurt Cobain, Aeschylus, Gandhi, and Janis Joplin are all spelled wrong.


I like this, but not with the misspellings. Also, I would have liked to have seen the other skulls (covered by model) as well.


it is great. i'd like to see the entire thing (w/ spelling corrections). this could be an interesting belt print if you made the design take up the entire tee.


I love it.

Andy_Mason profile pic Alumni

cool concept... you could do more to some of them though, like give bob marley a spliff... give john lennon his glasses... just a bit more of those trademark characteristics and it wuold be a complete 5$

BlameTheSuburbs profile pic Alumni

that's pretty good. Love the way the skulls are drawn.


Haha, I love the question mark after Elvis. This is great, I agree with chelly about making it a belt print -- and it goes without saying, but spelling MUST be fixed.



I was just reading a biography on Elvis.... way to ruin the ending for me. No use in finishing it now!


you should post a pic of yourself in your profile. I'd really like to know what a genius looks like.

also: extra points for the Deth P. Sun profile pic.



I don't know why, but I like this. Especially the addition of the turtle (it's strange and wonderful). I agree that there could be more done to this, but still, I like it as is.


i love the notebook sketchiness of it and the morbidly cute style.
I want those skulls on a shirt but something bothers me about the way it's just a huge rectangle in the middle of the shirt. (it's like those "how are you feeling today?" posters...)
I think the spelling mistakes add to the design, personally. it's so childlike, but so wrong for children. which is why I like the whole thing.


Cheers guys for the fantastic comments.
I would love this as a belt print also, I thought about it as soon as I submitted it.
Sorry about the spelling mistakes, this is actually directly out of one of my sketchbooks, but I should have got someone to spell check it.
Totally fixable though.

And just for xiv the skulls behind the model are Warhol, Mozart, Albert ll, Walt Disney, Frida Kahlo, Boris Yeltsin, Aeschylous, Albus Dumbledore, Marilyn Monroe, Big Bad Wolf and Colonel Sanders.

Keep them coming.


great design, $5er!


i like this, but think it could use some cleaning up :)


shouldn't the wicked witch's skull be a little more melted? maybe just a hat in a puddle.


Ahahaha Kurt Cobain. I want to see the others that are hidden. $5 for sure, once the misspellings are corrected. I want to buy this now.

Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Alumni

couple of suggestions for this design: apollo creed should have a cracked skull and maybe the skull of elvis could be chomping on a sandwich.

sauron looks great.


Very cool... love the sketchiness of it- snicker joan of arc toasted... nice.


Cool idea. Poor spelling.


I really like chelly's idea of adding a lot more
so you can end up making a belt print.

Don't just tell us the names of the skulls we can't see, but
give us a link to an image so we can see them all.

Here's some suggestions for more skulls toward a belt print :

Darth Maul (include all those tiny horns)

Citizen Kane

George Washington ( show his wooden teeth )

Goliath ( larger skull than those around it with
a rock stuck between his eye sockets )



I'd love to see this reworked with the suggestions, it's an awesome design :D


favorite= mufasa

Edword profile pic Alumni



Cheers for the great suggestions guys.
I originally had little unique details on most of the skulls, however I felt it was overkill so I decided to keep it simple with a few standouts scattered amongst them.
I love grassy-gnome's idea of having the wicked witch as a puddle with a hat. haha.

here's the whole image


This is a spectacular idea well on its way to a print, but not only should the spellings be fixed, but a lot more identifying characteristics should be added (dreads on Bob Marley, glasses on Hendrix) as Andy Mason suggested. Maybe make Picasso's skull cubist?

And if it were cleaned up and belt-printed, $5.


is keith moon on there or chris farley?


once I saw marissa cooper, you won.


Sorry no keith moon, but if I re-submit this as a belt print he'll definitely be included along with a few others.


$5 with the spelling corrected. The turtle did it for me


true ralphi style, luv it.


spelled janis joplin wrong. still like it.


No Dumbledore please! Spoiler shirts suck!


But that happened two books ago. I figure most people know. hehe.
sorry if i spoiled it for you

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Snowball 1!!!!

I thought this was kinda lame until i read more and more of these and fell in love with how some are just plain skulls of notable people from real life and how some are just cartoon and fictional characters.

LOVE the belt print idea. I'd buy the belt print. Spelling mistakes or not. 4$


I dont think it needs to be a belt print that would make it too busy. I like it as it is (minus the spelling mistakes but I make them all the time also) I was sick of skulls but you've one me over. Even if this did become a belt print I think I would buy it.

Savage Companion

I love skulls and that they don't have very distinguishing features cause when you're dead you're not wearing glasses


Looks Awesome! I'm torn between echo-ing the other comments about changing the spelling or asking you to keep it as is.

$5 most def.

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