Flower Attic Tattoo

I wonder what this falls under in terms of copyright issues?

its even referred to as Flowers in the attic on BME.
personally i would be proud to have my design on skin

Watch this
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only if the person sells their leg to someone and claims to have designed it. there's a site somewhere with at least five examples of this exact tattoo.


of all the threadless designs to put on my skin, that one would not be on my list of choices. :P


ice cream mann!


well, i already have goatse...


true true... but the artist that drew the tat was payed for their work, so the original artist is still having their work used for commercial purposes without permission, just a thought


yeah, unfortunately, i haven't read up on the legal mumbo jumbo of cases such as these. therefore, i'm just a smarty-pants, polluting your blog. sorry! :p


do you get STP points for this?


no, you get STDs


When I first saw this design on Threadless, I could have sworn I had seen it first on BME.

I just don't know where I stand with this shirt!!

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