Wrong Turn

  • by FullOfOz
  • posted Dec 02, 2007

the black is texturized....not properly seen on gif conversion...

Watch this

the black is texturized....not properly seen on gif conversion...


its very rarely that an ostrich comes upon two bunnies going at it!


why is there a hole in the ostrich's neck!?


genius! amusing to the highest degree!
i dont really like it on the royal blue tee tho...
the coral and brown are excellent choices however!


thanx guys! appreciate the comments!

neon electric

There's a gap in the ostrich's kneck that could be fixed.
Funny design though


actually there is no gap....its the complete cut section that i am showing..but that could be fixed too, if you guys think there is need for it...thanx for the suggestion... :)


That's a really cool ostrich, but I wouldn't buy it.
Please incoperate the ostrich into more submissins. ;)


i have seen this tee concept submitted before this not very orginal :(


cute design.


this tee concept before? any links to that?
i think images speak better...i dhavent seen any here at least on threadless...
thanx leng!


haha! love the idea. lower the contrast and fix the neck, and I'd buy it. It is possible if the black was textured the way you say, then the contrast would be fine.


the fact that it's a square looks kind of akward on the shirt.
other than that it's completely hilarious and I love it.


the square look is becoz the texture is not seen....the edges actually arent very boxy..they are irregular...
the best tee color which would take out the contrast would be heather gray...that would be cool...
:) thanx.

courtney pie

bunnies: don't you knock?!
ostrich: don't you lock?!

Jye Cutty

lol.....make me laugh

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