Dead But Still Dandy!

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The Jolly Brewer

With or without text.

He's a smart little fellow, don't you think?


It's like Day of the Dead. I like the text.


actually, i think maybe without the text...

The Loracle

Another design!! You really are cracking them out at the moment, you must have a LOT of spare time on your hands!! I like it, he reminds me of someone...can't put my finger on who at the moment.


that's awesome.. I'd love to see him in gold foil on a chocolate shirt...


Great art but I like it better without the text. The drawing is good enough to stand on its own.


first thing to pop in my head, oingo boingo

its cool 5


Hate White shirts but the design gets a 5

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

definitely a five.


Text is good. Reminds me of the beetle in Thumbelina. Woot.

beesneak profile pic Alumni

I'd buy this. Great 1ink sub!

The Jolly Brewer

Thanks for the comments. This could work with pretty much any ink/shirt combo. Cottoneyelizzer's suggestion is pretty interesting.


he really is still dandy!! I digt it!

welshalex an ideal world I'd love it in burgundy flock.

DaniellesGarden profile pic Alumni

My dad would love this shirt. lol. very good job.

Edword profile pic Alumni

sweet skull dude!


Love it. 5pounds


It made me LOL but I would never buy it. :)/:(


i like the text, but not on white please? $5


You should be ashamed that's pretty lame.


This is probably intentional given the use of the word "dandy" in the title. The wikipedia article you linked to also says his work is now associated with the Day of the Dead holiday, which I said this reminded me of back in the first comment.

Also this guy is wearing pants.


Woodcut style meets Nightmare Before Christmas--excellent! I could see white on a black shirt also looking really sweet. My one suggestion would be making the words a little bit bigger because right now the left-right balance is so far so one side.


I agree w/ Cottoneyelizzer.. That would be awesome.


Looks like esrever is the smarter little fellow.
Would be 5 for the execution (ahem), but 0 for not even mentioning your source material.

The Jolly Brewer

I didn't mention my source material but as squatterjohn mentioned, I did give some pretty hefty clues in the title. I thought more people would recognise it's source.

I love the original and think it would look great as a t shirt. It's in the public domain but rather than just replicate it I worked it up in my own style with a few adjustments.

Anyway, the score is shit, but I'd wear a shirt with this design on for sure.


That's only a hefty clue for those who are already familiar with the source image.

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