Not So Sorry

Inspired by all the Parcheesi I play. (Too cheap to buy the brand-name Sorry.)

Watch this

Inspired by all the Parcheesi I play. (Too cheap to buy the brand-name Sorry.)


awesome! great idea! brings back memories of losing that game


love it but i think your thought bubble is too big.. im not too keen on that dotted line but this is such an awesome idea


Thanks! To those who say it needs work or shouldn't be submitted: any thoughts as to why? I'd love some feedback to improve this design.

Dorian Mode

Definitely work on the thought bubble.


I'll work on the bubble, then. Anything else I can do to get this out of the "Um.. Er.. Don't Submit" category?


yeah, i'd change the thought bubble, I love the writting in the thought bubble though. Maybe you could even put faces on the pieces


What is it about the thought bubble? Too big? Too round? Too bold? Too outlined? I made this illustration a while ago, so it's hard for me to think of it looking any way other than this.

How do other people feel about the faces? The one walking towards Start wouldn't have a face since he's walking away from the viewer.

Is the white too bold, perhaps?


I changed up the thought bubble a bit. Any thought bubbles of your own to share?


I made a couple more changes this morning. Hoping to get some feedback.

Simpletinrobot profile pic Alumni

I love it, the only thing I see that is odd to me is the size of the word in the bubble, I think it could be a little larger, but I have a feeling that would look odder.


it's getting better, but honestly, who plays sorry anymore? I think the concept is kinda weak. Sorry Bees.


Joha you'd be surprised, I played it a few weeks ago. Also that's not the point. The point is people would recognize the concept.


what do I know anyway


It's not who plays it now, it's who played it in the day...this shirt rules!
Nice memories of cruelty and fun and many hours of Sorry!
Good Job, nice perspective and placement. Will the rest of the squares on the bottom there wrap around just a bit?


Sorry is the best game, and when I play I tend to play with the title a lot. The thing is, 'Jerk' means that the "sorry" apology wasn't accepted. If your design is titled "No, not sorry", you may need a new word. "Not" maybe? That might be too lame... But do you know what I mean?


I guess my thought was that when I play, I'm never actually sorry for sending someone back to start. I definitely understand what you mean, though, and I'll think about the title.

I wasn't sure if the squares could wrap around. I'd like them to, but it doesn't sound like it's possible from the submission guidelines.

Folks are still saying that it needs work and not to submit it. Is there anything else I can work on, or are you try to say that my design is doomed?


take a look at a sorry board--The layout of the squares is different. Do you care about that?


Do you mean how the start circle should be on the right, with more squares continuing beyond it? I thought that would look kind of awkward, since it wouldn't be so obvious that he was walking to start.

As I said, I just have Parcheesi, so I was just going by pictures on the Internet.


version 3 looks pretty good and I would totally buy this.

it's true the sorry board looks slightly different and in true sorry game play one persons piece wouldn't be able to get into anothers end game area.

but really it's the piece recognition that was important for me.

"apology not accepted" would be an excellent name for this one. heh.


I would break my rule against being twinsies with the wifeykins to buy this.

so what if the layout of the squares is different? it looks good! cleaner than the "real" one would.

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Very nice design. Intriguing and well drawn.

The narrative you mean to express however, is extremely difficult to convey. Bumping a competitor backwards might require some indication of reversal. Maybe a ghosted (strobe effect) of the red piece leaving the square that the blue piece is on and traveling backwards to the start square. Still, that might also indicate the red piece jumping forward.

A reverse arrow would work but it might be too obvious or forced and reduce viewer interest. Meaning, everything is explained and therefore unchallenging, predictable and boring. It's a tough problem.

What if you put a smug expression on the blue piece ("heh! heh!") and an angry ("you bastard!") look on the red piece? Im not sure that would convey "bumped backwards", (maybe it would to Sorry players), but it would be less static, convey competitive emotion, and you wouldn't have to rely on text to express the object's feelings.

You might more animate the pieces, giving them arms/hands as well as faces, and have the blue piece, (back towards the viewer), pushing the mad, flailing red piece back to start. Some motion lines could add to the effect.

Anyway, nice concept, good design, keep going. Cheers!


Thanks for all your comments, folks.

Quister: I can see what you mean, but I've never had that problem with prints of this design before. I'll have to chew on that thought for a while, though, since it could absolutely be part of why people don't seem to like this one.

Unfortunately, Threadless declined this submission, so I think I'm just going to kill it anyways.


Kott: Thanks. I think I'm just a bit frustrated. I've never had a design completely rejected by Threadless before. I'm not going to say it doesn't sting.

Maxwell: I like the dice idea. I'll have to work that in. Maybe that could help take up some space in the lower left corner.

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