• by skaw
  • posted May 18, 2006

Watch this
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zoom! straight over my head. looks nice though. maybe bump the bottom text up so it's the same distance as the top text is from the semi circles. I hope that makes sense.


good luck maddingo, i don't get it, but i'm no good with computers


right on... tesco very good advice indeed..

the symbol is a "war chalking" symbo for an open node..

if you saw this on the sidewalk it would mean their was an Open wireless access point SSID "linksys" with a 3Mbps (shit i have to fix that my damn font was all upper case.... GAWD...no matter) bandwidth connection.


oh yeah and teh "B G" to the right mean it is an 802.11 G or B access point G is backwards compatible with B

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Sorry, feller.

Scrap this one, or create an interesting picture to express this. Your picture does not communicate very much to me (I know what the 3 mbps means, and I know that Linksys makes routers...), but even then, the average person/threadless goer probably won't know this.

Even with what I understand from it, I still don't put these objects together comprehensively.

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OMG brainwave! this ones for free... you could do loads of complicated shit like this making up the letters WTF

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