Skeleteddy needs no introduction...cos well his name is kinda what he is.

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Dug McF...

Skeleteddy needs no introduction...cos well his name is kinda what he is.


I'd kinda like it more if the placement was different. Maybe bottom right/left?

Very cute design though


It kind of looks like a hairy creature is grabbing his bear-boobs from behind.


lacking something, but i don't know what


I'm just sick of all the skull designs. Cartoony or not, they bug me.


like it - part of me wants to put a noose coming down from the neckline


im assuming it says skeleteddy on the foot. i like the design, i feel something is missing. Why is it looking down?

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the proportions of the arms and legs make it look possibly like an adult human in a bear suit.


i really like it.... i think that when he is on another coloured shirt than white though that his slkeleton needs to stay white for contrast.


I'd like it with different placement (bottom offcentre, for my money), and different coloured shirts (I'd suggest pink and red)

snow day.

The ribs looks a little odd...


awwww his spine only goes up half way

( maybe bring his ribs together at the sternum )


I like how the teeth bridge together the
jaw bone and the rest of the skull


v cool. what about white for the bones? so not just black print? coooool and simple = good.


maybe place along right of shirt?


Really good drawing man, but this is so overdone its not even funny anymore. I can't fault your execution at all, it's a great pic, I love how stylised it is. But even with your own touch, it looks like a hundred other "cutesy-skeleton-critters" out there.


It needs a bit more polishing, I think. As other have mentioned before, the skeleton looks incomplete...and when placed on non-white shirts, why can't the skeleton still be white? After all, you have more than just black in your color palate.

Dug McF...

man theres a lot of negative people on this site. If you dont like something give it a 2 and move on. Im far too stubborn to change my design to suit everyone.

oh and thanks for all those who like it.


I don't needs something else. Size, or something.


skelanimals. been done.


i love your style, i wish there was more to this design tho


design is very nice, i just dont agree with the shirt colors... that's all.


freakin awesome, off-center that and you're all set

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