This one is my last design, after I stop my production.

Watch this



Why stop? It's pretty cool.

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yeah this is very nice for only 4 colors good work

<br />

Thank you for your comments

I stop because I can not do well enough designs to be printed ... I am 40 on the site and nothing ... It is not only on this site on the other it is the same .. So I really think that I am not made for that ...


I don't get it....I am a blonde if that means anything


Of course it's a matter you will decide, but I don't think you should stop submitting work -- I'm personally very fond of your style and subject matter, and wonder how some of your works haven't been printed (Poseidon!).

I like this, I would personally prefer the placement on the opposite side, but could live without.


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If you want to give up go ahead, but there are people who twice as many subs as you and have only been printed after subbing forever. If you want something you have to work at it, sometimes VERY HARD. I think this is funny, and I'm sure you can come up with more good ideas. 4

Either way I think you should make art because you love to and not to win some kind of prize. . . if you are subbing only for the latter reason you should probably quit anyway!


wouldn't wear it, but really nicely done!


I love the perspective :) and the lighting and the content :D


I loved poisiden and old toys. I think that it's only a matter of time before one of your designs gets printed! Keep at it!


Mejor esta versión. *


I do not trust involved threadless nor my 40 designs which are on the site but the 300 that I did, as I said, I might not be done for this type of exercise. With regard to the premium I did nothing to make it especially printing and see a job that interests me successful. I do not live for it and fortunately, when nothing happens, I think it is time to find another direction

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i say continue to sub some more. this is pretty amazing


oh wow, I love it.
reckon the colors are really good too.


I like your design! Just do it for fun. But anyway its your call


OMG posiedon didnt get printed?!?! that was a great one! dont leave no matter what i love your stuff man!


this could have been way bigger. And tilted. and it would've been way more dynamic.
still though, its funny.

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Hey best of luck duder. Sorry your heart isn't in this more for the self expression and need to create awesome things. If this is your last one, way to go out with a fang...i mean, bang! Looks great! 4$


The placement is what really sold it for me.


The placement and design are just brilliant. :)


It really is a kickass design, much like your other work. I wouldn't quit if I were you.

But of course, it's your decision.


i really like this! very well done!


fangs need to be more apparent or it just looks like a retarded person reaching for ketchup.

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