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This is how the universe would look if i drew it and it was belt printed onto a t-shirt.

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This is how the universe would look if i drew it and it was belt printed onto a t-shirt.


from a distance it looks like flies have landed on the chick's shirt

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i think these stars could have been better handled. they look very rushed and half of them are just scribbles.


interesting... would need to see it in the flesh to be convinced i reckon... like the metallic paint vibe.


I think I could make this with a white shirt and a sharpie.


thats why it's sort of brilliant


I would actually buy this!


It looks like you put maybe 5 minutes of thought into this design, and that's me being generous. I agree with elaine013; if I really wanted this t-shirt, I'd grab some sharpies.

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Wouldn't this work way way better on a dark shirt , like the dark sky? That would make more sense.

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Oh, I see, it is on a dark shirt too, sorry:). Sweet idea though and with metallic overprint could look choice!:)


I probably put about 25 seconds of real thought into the shirt, the rest of the five minutes was spent actually drawing, but i guess that is what seperates me, from people like you (PGTheGreat13). You spent more time coming up with a comment on my worthless design than I spent creating it. That has gotta say something. (shit, I just spent more time writing this than i did on my design plus the amount of time it took for you to come up with your comment, you win) I think the sharpies are a great idea. I dont know how it would hold up in the wash, but it would probably look even cooler. The shirt would be better if done in sharpie i just dont think it is cost effective for creating a mass amount. ($8 for a shirt and an hour of your time $7.50, and $3 for a sharpie). It'd be awesome if everyone made this shirt in sharpie.


Maybe you should add a background image


sry... I don't want a bunch of dots on my shirt
from far away its ugly


the metallic silver on black is especially nice.
stars are quite nice, they have a lot of character.
a bunch of perfect stars would be boring, perfect is boring.

mi piace.


they looked like flies at first


I love it. Simple and beautiful.

Green Eyed Lilith

ok i'm sorry but this couldn't be any lamer...that takes absolutely no artistic ability or creativity at all


This is AWESOME, something about it I just like!


i would buy this in a heatbeat! i will be so dissapointed if it doesnt et printed!


Hmm I think I'll just take your suggestion and make my own with a Sharpie. But doesn't the ink come out all yellowed after washing? Oh well.

neon electric

lol I did this once as a kid in school but with different colored pens. I like it.


this isn't art to me sorry


I like the concept but I think the stars could have been more defined instead look like scribbles like someone else said. And maybe make them slightly bigger. Other than that I'd wear it!

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I think it'd lose it's charm if the stars were more refined- love the metallic on black idea


the prospect of this design on a black shirt sounds like a great idea. i'd totally buy it.


its a t-shirt not the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel! lighten up, i dig it!


That'd be AWESOME with metallic ink. $5!


I do not mean to be mean but to me on white it looks like she has several squish mosquitoes on her top rather than stars.


I agree with Willish. Clean this design up and it could be really awesome.

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