who says the sun is bright?

  • by kbauthus
  • posted Nov 27, 2007

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This is so awesome and I have no idea why. Not something I'd wear, probably, but awesome all the same.


Good artwork, but until I can produce enough energy to run a solar system, I think I will refrain from calling the sun retarded. ;o)


I like the illustration, but the title and Keter's comment puts it in perspective. I don't want to walk around wearing a shirt showing how 'normal' people think 'retarded' people look. That's just horribly offensive and ignorant. Otherwise I would have scored high.



I disagree with the above. He seems more like a smug jewish guy to me. I love it it's perfect.

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

it's like the sun just cut a smelly one, and he knows it!

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

kristian you're fantastic

beesneak profile pic Alumni

Very cool, I like the big nose:)

kbauthus profile pic Alumni

just to catch this one before it gets all out of proportion:

1)this has nothing to do with how 'normal' people think 'retarded' people look (a statement that is more telling about your views than anything else). it's a drawing.
2)if it helps, ignore the title. they asked for one, i thought of one that seemed to fit.
3) have a good day.

Hi my name is

Q: What's better then winning the special Olympics?

A: Not being retarded.

Sorry for the bad joke. About the design, I really don't find this horribly offensive its just a play on words, which makes this actually kind of funny. Cartoons have been making fun of stuff like this for many of years, like the dodo bird.


I like it, it seems as though the sun is super excited (ren and stimpy style) and up to no good!
I think it looks great on all the colors too!
What a wonderful expression you've captured, it really is great!

SM Designs

Love it, he looks like he just fluffed. $5


I know alot of people who arent bright OR retarded (those aren't exactly exclusive opposites)...

and LOL at 'hi my name is' for the horrible tasteless joke that I couldn't help but tell my coworkers...

Love the art BTW


Offensive. Zero from me.

TheArtRobot profile pic Alumni

This design would have special meaning for parents with dumb sons. $5

kbauthus profile pic Alumni

jeezus. okay, i hate defending/explaining my work, because i usually don't care. but there seems to be people out there WAY too touchy about something that's actually completely ridiculous.
as cottoneyelizzer said, not being bright does not necessarily equal being handicapped. how people are reading this as being offensive to mentally handicapped people is beyond me. it's a drawing of the sun, making a ridiculous face. it's not an anti-handicapped manifesto. it's a sun.
personally, i find people who automatically equate being dumb with being handicapped, and feel handicapped people should be treated with kid gloves to be offensive.
to everyone else: thanks
lovemyshirts: ha ha, awesome, this design was actually inspired by ren & stimpy, or rather spumco's work in general.
-end rant-

zipperking profile pic Alumni

well i love it if that's any consolation.


i like the lower placement better. but the sun is so ugly, i couldn't wear it.


I immediately thought of Ren and Stimpy. I'm really sorry to see all of the sensitivity on this. I don't get it. $5


looks like a creepy egg waiting in suspense to see which sperm wins...


these comments are a bit silly. i think i get what you're going for here and i like it...it made laugh (:


this is AWESOME

dont worry about the people leaving dumb comments about how its offensive... threadless likes designs more (as theyve stated) where people either love it or hate it

this seems to follow that criteria



F the nay-sayers. This is awesome.


agreed ^^^

I like the fact that he MIGHT be crapping his pants...the sun that is...

no matter what, it's awesome


I like it on green, in middle
funny schweet, man


lol awsm face! looks good on all colours too. i really dont understand how its offensive?? pc has gone wayyyy too far

thINK profile pic Alumni

The face makes this one gold! great work.

Zazu Yen

Made me smile, I like the one in the center of the shirt best.


it's a sun!... this is great.


sorry but it sucks


hmm..i don´t get why some people feel offended by that,doesn´t look handicapped in my opinion,it´s just an very excited fella...some people might forget that people with ugly faces do have a right to be loved,too......my love for it is the 5$!
i also like the ren and stimpy reference in there...this tee makes me feel happy...good job!


^aaalman: sorry but it sucks

are you serious? who writes that? could that be any more rude and unconstructive?

I can't believe what some people write on here


the sun scares me lol

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

wow! Why isn't this in the Cranium competition? Love love LOVE the expression...i didn't read everyone's problems with the man's face, but i adore this design and his Ren and Stimpy "I just farted for five minutes straight" guilty but pleased with himself look! Awesome in the center and on purple. 4$

mezo profile pic Alumni

It looks like he just made a poot and is torn on weather to be shy or laugh about it. In short, I FUCKING LOVE HOW PRECIOUS HE LOOKS. Great sun rays and lighting on the hillside, too!

mezo profile pic Alumni


Interpret the art YOURSELF.
That's what art is all about!


I'm sorry, I was more offended by the second comment and that people would view it that way, which really irks me 'cause my brother has special needs.

The artwork is great.


I love it in baby blue like the lady model. Also how it's placed in the bottom cornerrr


looks like its straight out of ren & stimpy

which means its awesome


compmonkey made me laugh out loud at work, i love the word sperm! i already liked the design as a spumco inspired sun, but as an almost fertilized egg, i can only say one thing - happy!happy!joy!joy! $5


I thought it was going to be titled "where rainbows come from." 'Cause I think he's busy making 'em!


Take off the face and you will have a pretty design.

olie! profile pic Alumni

hilarious, I would like to see it printed, a 5 from me

Andy_Mason profile pic Alumni

i thought the title was going to be something about solar "wind"

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