Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Watch this

it's a funny idea. i don't like the size or placement though.


The wolf's front legs don't seem long enough.


Something seems off with the wolf.
like the colour, placement and shoes under the bed - very granny-like...
This I would buy without hesitation...


The wolf, it's legs in the air look a teensy bit short.


the wolf looks like hes doing a sexy pose haha anyhow, id make the image a bit larger on the tee


too busy


if its too busy i could always remove the circular window/target thing in the middle

... haha, and yup, after i sent this in, that's when i noticed the lack of (using human bones, and equating that area as arms) humerus portion, hence the unnatural shortness of the wolf's front legs ... fixable.

wahoo. thanks for the comments


and you guys are right - it does need to be bigger on the tee ... hahaha, so many mistakes ... i doubt this will be printed anyway ...

revise revise ...


its an awesome idea, but somthing seems off, its the wolf, maybe i bit less cartoony, the wolf needs a bit more attention but if that was fixed id totally buy it!


get rid of the circle in the middle. fix the wolf's face. he needs more character. the concept is great. love the converse. maybe some more detail on the quilt? This design has definite potential.

Zazu Yen

Made me laugh. I would totally get this for my mother, she would love it. They're right though, doesn't need the cross hairs.


that granny mean business. I love the shirt.


I'd buy this with the wolf redone. The concept is great, Granny is wonderful.


i say no window. loove the idea


Love all your designs, and this one is no exception. $5er!


Granny has a gun and she knows how to use it! Alright!

nice touch with her "Tough Love" shirt


Get rid of the window and maybe the shoes. Then I'm all over this. It doesn't need all the detail you put in to come across well. Less is more.


v cute creation.


I like the red and cyan. That's a nice combination, and it's not used very often. I also LOVE grannie's face. That's what sells the shirt for me. I saw her face, and then the words "tough love," and I thought "oh, I want to be that kind of old lady some day."

- good placement, but bigger.
- nuke the window.
- keep the shoes!
- surprised/scared expression from the wolf. needs teeth.
- i don't like the wood grain for some reason. mellow it out.
- I love the quilt patch. keep it.
- consider using dots for texture. you know, old newspaper/comic book/pop art/texturing. that always seems to rocket designs up to the next level, and I since your colors are so contrasty I think it would help the design look more integrated into the t-shirt. keep the sharp angles. its a nice style.

I hope this gets printed. don't doubt it, believe it! it should be printed.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE re-sub using suggestions! I would LOVE to own this!

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