No way!

  • by LukeAss
  • posted Nov 26, 2007

Well that's about it! You've lost yourself a customer. I'm sick to death of shirts coming out at 10am and selling out by the time I come home from work. Not only is it a waste of time for me to check every week to find all the shirts sold out but I also hate getting my hopes up. PRINT MORE SHIRTS! It's mind boggling how you pass up the extra sales. Not that my business really matters to you if you can sell out of every week's shirts in only a few hours but I thought you should know all the same.

Watch this

They'll reprint it, don't cry.


im assuming you're referring to guys small or medium. get a size up and shrink it. you gotta expect them to sell out pretty quick when they're only $10 and they're really fun designs. sorry you didn't get one, but they'll def reprint this in the future


I think that's part of the appeal of Threadless... a limited amount of shirts printed each week makes the shirts especially exclusive. Of course, I say that having already purchased this particular sold-out shirt.
I will say that I felt the same way when "Movies..." and "Splatter..." sold out so fast last week, and made me wishing they had printed more shirts. However, there is no reason to freak out... obviously when a shirt sells out that fast there is clearly a demand and Threadless should have the sense to reprint it fairly quickly.

ALAYNA people 4 peace

yah i hate that too. its really been bothering me lately. especially the small sizes, which i have to buy. shrinking doesnt work, laodom. i have tried before


amen to that, it's especially bad as a uk customer - what time zone are threadless on, anyone know?


for me it's 16 bucks :( LOL

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Just log in now and then and check the stock charts. They invariably come back in stock, however briefly, in small quantities. Trust me. Paper Cranes, Now That's Dope, Movies... all of them reappeared toward the end of last week.


^ It's because after a week or two they add the shop stock to the site stock as well. :)


Meh, I personally like the fact that these shirts aren't mass-produced. Try shopping from work or durin your lunch break :)


haha everybody is so sad, i already have this shirt.


I like the exclusivity as well, but it must suck for guys more since the shirts are always sold out more quickly (compared to girl's shirts). Reprinting once is fine. Not anymore than that though.

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